NAFTA politics

Am quite confounded by NAFTA politics. It is no secret that the legislative organ of the countries in NAFTA gear more and more towards legislation which creates capital.

Having said that, what particularly baffles the living daylights out of me is Mexico.

Simply because legislation in Mexico is not any where close to what the USA and Canada have mounted to secure not only transparency but also muscle to implement said legislation and above all to make sure that any agent other than the government is in charge of everything or the mighty omnipotent agent of them all.

Mexico doesn’t deal in legislation because the pseudo parliamentarianism which exist as the de facto form of law making is just a rubber stamp body who gets paid to churn tailored law suited to fit certain interests which in turn say what is legal and what is not. Yes, there are some token positions of real legislators but the parliament is also tweaked so as to allow managed dissent. In other words, the Congress and the Senate are a sham who are not elected by the people & who have no say in who is going to represent them since the party whip decides that.

And since the democratic organs in charge of creating law are mere puppets of the few whose interests lie in making sure pure libertarianism rules the markets then the agents who move products in the NAFTA are at liberty to do as they please.

But what is confounding is the people themselves. More surprising is how NAFTA creates an intelligentsia who bows under the pressure of a system that is designed to create the illusion of a future with an education that only serve the few chosen ones who the elite in power allow them to move upwards.

Since the vacant posts in this system are few and far in between, the loyalties change radically and speedily.

Moreso in Mexico.

The middle class will betray the little people at the bottom even when the bottom feeders are made up of those very same people seeking a better life or the promise of a better life in a snap of a finger.

NAFTA has made it quite clear what the chosen few need to be able to move upwards and if said mobility ends up being ensnared in the wrong ideology then that future promise of a Middle Class lifestyle ends up in smoke.

This phenomenon is very much visible in Mexico where the wannabe upper middle class loath the the Left because in their eyes these very same people are what they are indoctrinated to believe they are: parasites who keep making Mexico a backward country.



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