This sojourn

I guess I can call it a sojourn. My stay in this place of the world. But the more I think of it the more it seems I am not leaving. Where would I go? I am afraid of my economic situation and I ain’t getting younger. On the other hand I also feel the exact opposite of it. I want to be elsewhere. I guess all of us end up elsewhere somehow. Sooner or later.

Life ain’t easy. I shouldn’t complain though. My gripes with life are minimal at best.

So I was out in town doing a couple of mundane errands. And I find myself am surprised how the Swedes are. How they do things and stuff. It’s kind of pleasant to realize these people still manage to exact that out of me. The big event I was surprised to see was a grand reopening of one of the local banks in town. Quite the small fanfare considering the town itself which rather exist in much abundance in these parts of the world. The town itself is no more than a local municipality with about 32 thousand people in it spread in a large geographic area. And yes, I still consider myself a big town boy. I guess I will never get over the small town mentality, mine is damaged in that respect. I think too big. So I tend to look down on people. As if they are unaware a God walks amongst them. Yes, I am of a feeble mind. Not because I am superior in any way, these people have made sure to me in my place more than once. But because I am raised to see beyond the geographical boundaries that make up the landscape of my ens. I have a sociological imagination and that is a nasty virus to be carrying about in these parts of the worlds that holds on tight to tradition as if it were to loose grip on its bearings. I have made a lose monetary wise because I have given in to cultural habits for the sake of adaptation. Though the loses are more like gains in the end. They smooth a path on a class level. In this case the middle class and that at a lower to middle class level.



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