die neue Religion

Brutal honesty. Dealings with The One.

Of late I have been in a quip about how I conduct thoughts to The One.

Which brings forth another dilemma: Why the Swedes are so adamant about religion. I came to the conclusion, based on their obsession with “truth” that they much rather deny The One as we know Hən to be than to lie to Hən.

Which brings me back to this spiritual dilemma when addressing The One. Honesty. Honesty towards The One. Tis not one thinks of.

The dilemma.

When Addressing The One for favors. Or thanking Hən. To what purpose or end do we address The One for that?

To ward off Evil? The quid pro quo of the everyday? What happens when we fail to keep our end of the bargain?

Hence the illusion of a failed relationship.

Hence the observation that Swedes rather much deny the existence of The One. Is it not much better to rather be one self as one is than to engage in promise making nilly wily?


De-sanctifying The One.

Do we need to sanctify the relationship with The One?

By sanctification I mean this aura of reverence one tends to don ones words when addressing The One. The idea of sanctification, in essence is one of addressing The One in a state of purity. The existence of The One is just that: pureness. An existence that must be protected from Evil. Reverence is as well what one would describe as respect and fear towards The One.

I argue that if we are to progress in a relationship with The One then one must dispense of everything which can corrupt the pureness of the sentient being as it conducts communication with The One. Anything other than oneself is just donning a false self when addressing The One. This can only lead to detrimentalness.

The idea of addressing The One on a one on One basis is cause of serious discussion and furore. But if the communication towards The One is to be all it can be then it must dispense of all other unnecessities.


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