April is the cruelest month 2014

During a run I noticed that the city park workers had done maintenance in our little lake called Ingsbergssjön

I often misspell its name.

This day full of sun offered interesting aspects

Like how some thin sheets of ice lingered about

and how some ducks stood a top of those thin sheets of ice

and as the sheets gave way to the thawed water and waves, the current

the more inwards this sheet of ice moved towards the center of the lake

taking the ducks with it.

Ever seen the gaze ducks give as it stares at its environment?

Some rocks stick out from the the inwards of the lake.

Pit stops for the local fauna as birds usually stand to rest, I suppose or scan their domains

Some ice clung to their surface like a Mexican raspado

and I ventured to let my gaze peruse slightly at the crashing waves

as they receded and pulled towards the banks of the lake

I noticed too the tremendous amount of debris everywhere

Bottles, plastic, cans, a lost fishing buoy and all amounts of trash

I wondered how much trash could one collect if one decided to clean up the lake

and did nothing more than that and this


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