Luglio MMXX

One can but imagine the frustration

I opened the door to get it out. The fly just rankled my nerves with its constant buzz. It was caught in a futile attempt to move on, but it was stuck. In my window, hence the constant buzz. I opened the door adjacent my window, the one that leads to the balcony I never use. I hoped the darn thing would find its way out by itself. Though I instinctively grabbed a hand towel due to past experience, I wanted quick results and my patience thinned a while ago. So I grabbed the piece of cloth and opened the door. Before I knew the buzzing ceased. No need for a towel to guide out by force what I call a hästflugga in Swedish, a horsefly. Seemed more like a normal fly though. So it is quiet now and all I can hear is the mechanical tangent keyboard as I hit the keys now. I also wanted to express my admiration for the flurry little  pappuses these days. I often stand in awe as these little cotton like snowflakes run amok at the mercy of the wind and its whims. They detain time, so I stand still and watch as they float before my eyesight. It is admirable how these seedlings dot the day with its mission to reproduce. I made the mistake of opening the balcony door the other day when it was full of the germinating process in full force. Some landed in my rug. They now huddle as if they intend to stay. I haven’t decided when to vacuum clean them up but they are in my schedule. I seen them laying about. Still, no wind to look forward to but my whim to clean the living room and end up in a vacuum cleaners’ paper bag.

I tend to mark in the calendar when the land seagulls arrive to this landlocked forest. I wait in expectation of their first sight or first screech. Larus Canus, the common gull, or sea mew. Nothing gives me greater joy than to hear their screeches across the neighborhood as they echo in unison with the songs of the small birds. It is a telltale sign of better weather and by that I mean not freezing cold. I also get anxious around this time of the year because I know they will soon be off once again. Their nesting and nurturing is almost over. Then, the silence will take over, just like the buzz of the insects of how the dandelion will cease to grow.

It rains, yet once again. July for the most part has been overcast, rainy, coldish, windish, thunderous but not much lightning, some but not much. I love this type of weather, it suits my situation. I personally love it when I know it is raining but you can’t see the rain drop. I squint as I look through my window to reassure when I know for a fact it is raining. It is a sign of the doubting thomas repressing the tune I felt when I realized it was raining, so I had to look at the asphalt to make sure it was raining. It was, so I lifted back my eyesight to the ether of the 8 o’clock morning, it was different, I squinted more, I still wanted to see the falling rain.

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