I went out for a run today.

I’m into doing long distances but I got scared today. I was caught in the march weather and I knew exactly like clockwork where I was going to meet the weather.

So I was hitting the asphalt when I felt the small drizzle hit my face & intuited to the near minute I was in for a drench though I failed to guess the weather had snowflakes with it. That was nice.

Once I start running my goal is my goal & usually don’t stop until I have achieved it.

So I ran against gusty winds with heavy rain showers which made my running gear wet. My waterproof jacket was wet & so did my undergarment as well. Luckily it went from rain to snow.

As I ran I knew it was not meant for it to stay since the snowflakes melt as soon it hit the ground though stayed long enough to stuck on the grass and my clothing not to mention my black hair.

Eitherways, though I enjoyed running in a hail of snowflakes I got soaking wet on my chest.

This panicked me tough I kept running because I knew that if I stopped it only be worse and the cold would sink in.

I stopped at 13km.

I got home thinking if my wet garments would affect my health.

I laid down on the couch and as i looked through my living room’s curtainless window I saw the huge thick cumulus clouds rush towards their destiny. Big shiny white fluffy clouds in all shapes and sizes ripe for the imagination with the greatest blue background ever.

My eye, though, landed on a drop of water which hung on the top of the branches on the elm in the garden of our building.

I saw it because it refracted the sun’s light and shone.

I tried to find more but there were none. Just that one drop hanging there, capturing the early Sunday March sun and me, staring at it, awed and inspired by its simplicity.


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