Insights 56ythxc3

I realized an important thing for me in Rome: am an attractive man. Here in Sweden I am always wondering if there is something wrong me when it comes to women and I always end up feeding negative energy to the flow of my consciousness which send me straight to gutter hell for my self-esteem. During the course of my little sojourn of 9 days I was drawn to two ladies whom I clicked with for diverse reasons. It felt good. I am pleasently surprised at how great Rome made me feel and how great was it to walk all over it. Even though I lost myself several times and traversed seemingly insignificant parts of it with no aesthetic values those very turns and corners lead always to great places.

Sadly I got a haircut from hell in Gothemburg. I got royally trasquilado but shone some light as to where my baldness is taken/taking me. There is absolutely no denying it. I am going bald. Which serves to prove a point and an insight. 2013 was the year I tried to grow my hair only to realize it was too thin and it looked weird. I tried some concoctions to give it volume and ultimately there is no more point in hiding the inevitable. There’s no big crisis there but it sure feels odd.

In Rome I discovered Roman Jakobson which I am intending to familiarize myself with. He is a man of language and am impressed by his output. I discovered him in the National Library of Rome. Like I said. 2014 will be a year dedicated to Roman Jakobson. He seems to transcend multiple language in a way am not that entirely familiar with & seemingly dispenses with the niche other departments such as bilingualism or multiple language corner themselves into. Albeit he is the father of structuralism.

I also realized that am attached to a sense of home even if it is N. I long to be back to the routine of the everyday. A place where I am all the time. I suppose travelling bymyself has lost its lackluster. It also has knocked the desire of photographing for who knows who. This took a jab at my social media socializing. I felt weird posting so many pics on the net so people who don’t share the slightest same interests as I could see or read about them. Why?


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