I don’t know what this country has come to. Frankly. you’d think that in a country like Sweden there be beer for sale on what I thought, and seemed, to be an ordinary any other day. I know that in other parts of the world, or Europe, today is important because of the 3 Wise guys. So I conducted myself as if it were any other ordinary day. I even expected the postman to deliver. But no. Everything was seemingly shut down to-day.

I really don’t understand what happened to good ‘ol atheist par excellence Sweden. I really think the Vikings are turning over their graves as we speak.

So I went to the local monopolized liquor store known as Systembolaget only to experience bitterness and utter disappointment at the fact that the store was closed due to what the Swedes call trettondagen which I did not know is what the Swede call a red day, that is, it is day off for most peeps. Or thirteen days after xmas, epifania what not for those interested.

Don’t mes with a man and his beer.

Well. Luckily the Arabs had their stores open. It’s days like these you appreciate other cultures. I mean, it wasn’t strong beer or anything. But it did quench some of the thirst. So long live multiculturalism.


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