plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

So am in a new situation. A life changing one. I cannot go back to the normal. Kinda like Covid19. Nothing will ever be the same after the pandemic. A strained lineage following a natural path of annihilation. A vortex of sorts. Each member bent on going stray. So it seems. Or what else is one to assume. Back to the now. I do not face a choice. A choice has been made. I am strained. How long before I get to see those I call mine is yet to be determined but the dice are cast. I no longer speak for the Empire. I am apart. All for the best I suppose. It gives me respite as well. I can now walk my own path. Belonging to the core or nuclear was not my cup of tea.

I also hate to disenfranchise myself. Albeit it was necessary. So here I am. Like the Prince on a rock. Where too one might ask in this vast universe is one to end up in. Solitude, the dust that follows, is sure to accompany as an asteroid seemingly cruising by our wee eyesight.

The blank slate it is once again, bring it on. The sky is grey and blue. Nothing paints cold as the Nordics do. They announce so many things with their fluffy deceiving cloud looking smooth colors as an autumn in wait stands awaiting for the voice to be heard: enter.

So we do. Face on. Not on our on volition. Much as our lungs or nails do, out of nothing go on.

There is no captain o my captain! but a simple flow down a river to the greater seas

Where waves reign in frustration, anger and roar freely without judgement, the storm is pal’s with thunder and lightning, solitude and desperation

Where boats sink and sailors drown, remain in peace, in anonymity tills insurance companies claim them as theirs

yet in the meanwhile we peacefully see the reefs go and disappear at the hands of humanity

I thought of you today. Like I do henceforth

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