Picture solitude. Living, cornered and surrounded by it. Does it just happen? Is it a choice?

Humanity is said to be alone. I can quote many such citations, solitude is by far not exclusive to one nation, every culture defines it in its most universal meaning, being left to one’s own devices.

What if it is a choice? Is it wrong to want to be alone? Or does one have the duty to probe every action one makes in one’s life? Say it is a choice. How can I then complain that I am alone, afflicted by solitude? Thoughts turn to the culprit I blame regards my solitude: my environment, society at large. It is an easy target to blame my condition. It is apt for such a blame and the culprit fit for the job. This culture thrives on solitude and feeds on it. One can go on and on about the failings of solitude in this culture but let us say it happens moreso than any other country. Specially when one feels ashamed of being alone. Although those sort of constraints are nothing but mental Chimeras or figments of the imagination. Or so one would think they are. The cruel fact is that I remain alone, and as the popular tag says it #foreveralone.

A well fortified mental hygiene would require to dispense with the aforementioned thoughts. Is mental hygiene a core example of forced or acceptance thereby of solitude then? Allow us to entertain the idea. Do I hope that this is a phase? Do I consider this some sort of unwanted luck? Do I wake hoping tomorrow will be a different day? If so, do I make any efforts to accomplish the weakened fiat? Has the mental hygiene a routine whereby it produces certainty of fate? Am dead sure this is a phase, am convinced of it because in the end I solace myself into believing that this solitude will end at one point or another and as the brainwashing goes, surely it is only because at this point in time I find myself reclused and trapped by the shenanigans of this particular culture.

Like I said, humans are destined to end up alone, we come alone and we leave alone.

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