just flesh & bones

Ever notice the age of destiny seems like a by gone era?

There’s no one to blame for your lot

No mysticism behind your feelings

the warning system off

Everyday as routine and regular as the other one

So if I want to be happy I have to produce that

The mighty age of production making

Whatever happened to those days when the unexpected or when destiny awaited every corner of every dawn with unexpected surprises of the what is might to come

Not even death guarantees a surprise these days,

you kick the bucket and hasta la vista baby

The only thing left is change

and that’s slow

like the timeless ages that have come and gone

so we seek solace in the mysticism of other humans

who still believe in a better morrow

because after having rebelled at all the other lies

being flesh & bones doesn’t cut it either

So for me it’s the mornings that do it.

Yet I beat the crap out of it everyday

kill it with a vengeance only to be back here baby, like a Jeremiah.

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