RIP Saavedra Rafael – Long live all beyondeados

Blogs commenting the death of one of our own:

Quizá otros más.

I never did like his writing and I was never mature enough to accept that he was a middle man between the mexican and the anglo in Tijuana.

I am always for the argument that Tijuana is Aztlan proper. Off course, these days the pro nationalist sentiment of the Mexican ens and its nationalistic jingoism has all but drowned the few voices that dare stay afloat despite the cultural onslaught of the DF.

He reflected a fragmetn of our tijuanense lifestyle with the help of those sold out bastards that live off government grants in exchange for their souls. Yes, we decried that and never gave him credit for transcending beyond ideology, opening a path so that those not fully exposed to the Tijuana ens of the 60, 70, 80 and posibly 90’s could go beyond what PRIAN ideology gladly smashes at every turn to smithreens.

Yes, we are beyondeados. I killed that term in an argument and made sure it got buried in an onslaught of commentary at the height of the blogstardom or bloffstar.

Today we dig deep in our souls and resuscitate it only to call me and other of his generation as beyondeados.

We are beyondeados all.

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