It is almost 9 in the evening, I can see it is raining, I squint to confirm it

Or is it the wind I see directing the water drops falling?

time kinda does the same, one has to squint to see human action at its best

to forget leaves traces behind as well

it takes a season or a dead leaf to tell a story

being alive requires one to see all aspects of life

as I dust off the grime the hours and days and months accumulate

upon your sacred self one is but perplexed at morality

that judges one who yet still breathes

Ni cómo escarbar el pasado

así intente ahuyentar

La gravedad de mis propias acciones

Jag ber om ursäkt om jag

vågar stå här

eller lägga blommor på din grav

Se siente como que pisoteo

 o trillo

algo que no debo

y a la misma vez

must honor thee

for I loved thee

for I loved thee

for I loved thee

and shall and I do now



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