It is the black matter of humanity, pain. It is there but you can not see it. It is the energy that fuels the universe. Its conduit to induce life. I want to write with science as my backbone, the platform from which I derive my thought, but all I have are my own thoughts on the matter. I suppose giving birth induces pain. I only say it because the mother of my first born could not bear it and decided to take Demerol to ease the contractions as she spawned a new life in this world. I can not even fathom why babies cry once out of the womb. Is it because of the spanking? Am told that is not longer a practice amongst practitioners. However, new stimuli is enough. The baby cries because it is in a new environment. Pain for mother and child. I remember crying when my first child was born, the impact of birth was too much.

The ultimate change: death. It is pain as well. A whole bunch of us spend their lives hating life but the moment the biggest change in a lifetime happens, we tend to try and stick around a little bit more on this earth. People say that one spends more time dead than alive, so true indeed.

I suppose change is painful. No matter how inert life seems change happens always, hence the pain of everything around inertness. The lull, the silence, the intense loneliness, are arteries where pain cruises, in the autobahn of life. Those in the autobahn envy us in the drudge and those in the drudge envy those in the autobahn. Change comes to us and along its enforcer, pain. You can’t escape pain, in fact, we ought to rewrite the old adage that we can’t escape death nor taxes. It ought to be pain, death and taxes, a perfect trifecta.

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