coverage of the boycott in the mexican blogsphere

Dang, people were desperate for news or commentary on the boycott that even I made it not only to technorati but another place as well.

My rants tend to give odd kinds of results. Suffice to say I’ll let it stand. Interpretations are weird and it is pretty much useless to combat notions arised out of single, fast-paced readings of any text. I know where I stand and if people perceive the wrong impressions, well, so be it.

So the boycott is nearly history and we will have to wait for the fall out, ’cause there’ll be one. However, like everyone else, the Latino community has a short term memory as well and November, well, November is far away and unless there is a turn about in the language to address the American people English is and will remain the language of power and pretty much well after November. This means of course that those rethoric books which started to gain dust in the 60’s are about to get a dust off. People will have new problemas to deal with in November. The Powers To Be aren’t happy, as it were. They did a pretty goood job in dictating the power base to spread ambivalence though it trickled fairly slow down to the masses. Will the Latino vote in November as they voted yesterday with their feet?

The big fish that might have some chewing their nails off next quarter profit reporting: Kimberly-Clark.

I am guessing that they will come out with some sort of announcement distancing themselves from James Sensenbrenner. Boy, talk about stupid. This guy ought to know that one of the fastest growing populations is precisely the one he is trying to kick out of the US and that means a lot of diapers out there. Good old monopolies aren’t just what they once were. All is not given though, the Mexican blogsphere was pretty much abuzz this fact though it stands to see if it made it to the streets. If it did then Kimberly-Clark will most likely feel a drop and I don’t mean a poo-poo in one of their diapers.

Though it might sound like there were a lot of people out there on the net reporting the boycott the fact of the matter is that the numbers don’t go beyond my two hands. And that in spanish. Very few dedicated people were alighting their keywords with flames in their fingers or was it because they were too busy out in force allá en Aztlán? The next following days should see a huge load of posts related to the boycott with memories and nostalgia what not.

Those of us who sat it out in countries, like say, Sweden, rather enjoyed the efforts put out by Juan Manuel this guy got the pics, the vids, 1, 2 and the text to back up the reporting from both Tijuana and Sydro as the locals call San Ysidro.

Alt1040 was doing good as well urging his base to feed his blog with news. Two rather interesting bits came out of there, the Kimberly-Clark bit and the floodsite.

Olganza and Regioblogs were at it too in part reporting and in part doing compilations of news reels about the boycott. Like I said, the Xicano blogsphere must of have been out in force.

Other pics from the frontera can be seen here and here.

Guys and gals: I can’t thanx you guys enough for the work you did.

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