*Unfortunately am bound to write in English, so I respectfully apologize to my Spanish readers if I don’t do this in my English blog.

I have decided to write in English.

It belongs to it as the Swedes aptly would say it in their own manner.

The main reason I decided to write in English is because I am under the influence.

I have read a few blogs that I regularly read and then I became somewhat ill after that, much in the fashion of a good old drink of spirits. And as an alcoholic would, I wonder, after reading said blogs, why, oh why is it that I read blogs that make me nauseous? Either way, consider this a tribute to the porcelain queen, albeit green, red, blue and white. I am bilingual and I regurgitate thus. You then ought to function as the water at the bottom of the bowl, flush at will.

I am here to confess am a fleeting blog writer, that is, I do not allow my writing to germinate that much and it is after a fleeting fashion that whatever thought is laid out pursues a life on its own.

I seldom spend time with my writing.

I spend as much time with my writing as I do taking a shit, perhaps a wee more at times.

I am a blog writer which means that I write as I fancy.

I declare my self free from many demands but never from my Ego.

That beast is a slave driver and I have a slave master relationship with it in ways no one would understand except us.

*Crear de la nada

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