Usually I don’t mix languages but I’m in a wierd mood of sorts, anyhow’s, getting back en la comunidad on a Sunday da even more zafados results than expected. Visitando some blogs I read that some folk out allá turned a whopping año on the blogesfera, so yeah, follow the chisme and there I was, en el árbol de Paty Booo (sí, con tres o’s) y leyendo what she had written since I left to mugrosa París I detected what could posible be a concoction by Logovo. So yeah, ok, I did the famous Which Mexican Blog Are You? and the results?

You are amarillonaranja!
You are a m a r i l l o n a r a n j a !

You are a very easy going- color coordinated-
normal- food talking- girlie- polite blog. Go

Which mexican blog are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

I don’t know if I should be worried o no, la verdad, either I need to start churning out more cranky stuff or what pero hej! Amarillo it is, I just hope que Irma doesn’t get offended by it later for the comparison …Chiiiiiiiiin! como decía el DJ de 98.9 fm cuando estuvé por allá some time ago …

and moving along the many windows of the TJ blogsphere and others … I Checked out Anders blog andn I read that he had read in one of his favoritos blogs que un vato came to esta incredible realización:

“Tengo la impresión de que tod@ bloguita es alcohólic@.”


Hej, I don’t know about yous ese but I sure have un beer before the muse arrives with her dictation stuff homes …jejeje there is a certain verdad in that … jijiji

La cosa esta en que bloguear requiere de una cosa por más interesante que suene el post: soledad ya que leer y escribir son dos actividades muuuuuuuuy, pero very private …


Sometimes el PGBeas can be a good read …

and curiosly enough … Angel, PgBeas y yo, su humble servidor estuvimos en París …direferentes experiencias y diferentes ojos ….


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