Ok, y Hemingway y su Madrid?

As a group of artists writing from the city of Los Angeles, we yawn in the faces of those who proclaim London the “end all, be all” of the art world. However, while we are proud of what L.A. and California artists have accomplished over the years, and we extol the contributions these artists have made to the history of art, we are not foolish enough to proclaim our city as the center of anything (except perhaps, boredom). We do however see ourselves as one sphere of influence. To be honest, since L.A. is such a multi-cultural city, and quite frankly, a cultural capital that has exerted far too much influence over the world,

we’d like to proclaim the Mexican City of Tijuana as the new “center of the art world”. Henceforth, we think that all trends in contemporary art should be set by those artists residing in Tijuana, and that international artists should trek to the city along the U.S./Mexico border in order to find inspiration, make connections (and of course sales), and study and work with some of the finest artists in the world.

If you think our idea preposterous then you might want to challenge your Eurocentric world view.

Uta, si de por si no aguantamos ya a los pinches niurros wannabe java zipping huarachudos de Tj, con esto se van a poner que ni quién los aguante …

Me recuerda a este chiste 1

Erase una vez un regiomontano, un hermosillense, un sinaloense y un chilango que llegaron a Tijuana, al bajar del avión el regiomontano alzó los brazos y exclamó: “Yo soy el mesías, ya llegó el enviado de Dios!!!”…el hermosillense baja del avión y le dice: “estás pendejo, yo soy el enviado de Dios”…en eso el sinaloense se acomoda la hebilla, da unos taconazos al suelo, levanta los brazos y grita: “ni madres, yo soy el enviado de Dios”…y como al chilango no lo pueden dejar atrás les dice: “los tres están pendejos, yo soy el enviado de Dios”…en eso un tijuanense que los veía les replicó: “ahh chingá, chingá, chingá, ¿y yo cuándo mandé a alguien?”.

El chiste first appeared here.

. Algo nos han de saber.

** Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961) La capital del mundo.

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