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Ones roots are forever intrinsically attached to one’s self. One is seen through the exterior those roots proffer.

My roots will forever be Tijuana. I love being tijuanense. It is being raised, born in Tj, that made these roots strong, so strong that even when they were uprooted something in me never allowed for the roots to dry and brittle away in foreign lands. Somehow those roots thrive even outside Tijuas.

My internet alias is Julio Sueco but my real name is Julio César Martínez. I write in three languages, English, Spanish and Swedish. When I write I create many things, such as short stories nicknamed as minifix, poetry, opinion, book reviews, translations, and criticism.

I have a loved one with whom I have two children. I have two cats as well and a house in the Swedish Highlands which is a constant pain in the hiny. I have been living in Sweden ten years and counting.

I try and delve into identity issues. I explore the tijuanense identity, at least the lot that is similar to me. I consider myself to be a tijuanense xicano.

I write about my experience in Sweden and what it is to be here, in Sweden, as a tijuanense xicano. I also explore language, spanglish and other linguistic goodies from the Southwest or my own bilingualism and all the phenomenology that surrounds its seemingly mysterious ways.

It would be a pathetic and frank lie to suggest that I don’t desire to be a writer, a public and published one in paper. But the fact of the matter is that I don’t put the energy to achieve that goal. So I write mostly because I derive pleasure in it. Mostly for me and those who regularly visit my sites or whatever curiosity brings in to this electronic pages.

I am a teacher at a local high school somewhere in the Swedish Highlands. I received my education in Stockholm University

  1. Jim Holman’s avatar

    Dear Julio,

    Still waiting for Abe Opincar to write story re your site.

    He visited you in Sweden almost a year ago. He has gotten distracted by a project in Merida and still promises the story.

    But in the meantime, would it be possible to take the best, most current English and Spanish content from your bloggers and put, say, 1500 words in the San Diego Reader once a month?

    Not sure if you want to do the selection/editing or one of our editors could.

    I want something current, something smart that is on the minds of Tijuanenses.

    I tried to get Spanish content once before in the Reader from a local paper called Diario de San Diego, but it wasn’t what I was looking for.

    I worry that I see no posts for December, so maybe you or others have not posted recently.

    Please let me know what you think.

  2. Rodolfo Ruiz’s avatar

    Estimado Julio; lei tu fabulosa historia en el “Reader” de San Diego. Tus comentarios se me hicieron correctos en cuanto a la vida de un servidor publico y lo que realmente pasa en nuestro gobierno en todos los niveles. Me da mucho gusto que escribas de cosas reales que suceden en Tijuana, pero ademas de cosas positivas que aveces logran los Tijuanenses. Te felicito a ti como persona que has mantenido tu identidad como un ciudadano de Tijuana, viviendo en el extranjero. Tengo tantos amigos y conocidos que ya con el hecho de irse a vivir a San Diego renuncian el ser de Tijuana, aveces casi hasta el ser mexicano. Una vez mas te felicito por tu manera tan verdadera de escribir y te deseo todo lo mejor en tu planes a futuro. Desde la Zona Norte te deseo mucha suerte.