Meanwhile, at the paper company where paper for stocks are made a Q & A was taking place …

– When the stars shone ..that’s when.
– Any particular motive as to why just then?
– Look Ed, the guy is a fraud, there is nothing more to it.
– Here, take my handkerchief., you seem to be developing a sweat in your forehead.
– Jaja, very funny.
– Exactly when did you see them like that together?
– I’m distraught, can’t you see?
– I see what you mean, but I, in as much as I sympathize with your emotions, the company requires of me to record all activity that took place prior to the incident.
– “incident”? is that what they’re calling it?
– I really don’t have time, if you want to I can send some other people to …
– Fine!, I caught them in there with their clothes nearly off, my girlfriend laughing and the guy sweating like a hog, there, happy!?
– Just procedure Mark, some valuable paper was destroyed in the ensuing passion and now they have to pay for it ….