Richard Rodriguez hits the nail on the head

Richard Rodriguez:

By and large what we have seen is a refusal of the official left or the right to speak well of illegal immigrants. I think what that has done is allowed American nativism — and I use that word advisedly — allowed American nativism to participate in a drama that we have seen along the border a century ago, as early as the 1920s and ’30s. When Americans had finished with the labor they wanted from the Mexicans, we decided to send them back. Of course 10 years later during World War II we wanted that labor again, because American men had gone to the European and Asian theater. We go through these cycles of wanting the Mex-ican’s labor and not wanting the Mexican. Of using his or her energy and then pretending we never wanted it in the first place.

And this from Dos Centavos:

That someone I have known and worked with would be threatened for simply fighting for the rights of people. I would hope that progressive people take note and march on April 10th! March to support hard-working people!

2¢-avos can keep hoping.

I have been complaining that, as far as the blogsphere is concerned, very little items have been posted on the matter and this from the big fish the likes of Daily Kos and The Agonist, je, those are the ones I visit most frecuently. I find it odd, at best, that these people who decry everything that is wrong with the Bush administration aren’t focusing on matters that concern America. Sadly, when they do, their true colors arise and it becomes a nasty tit-for-tat vitrolic argument from people who don’t really say what’s in their corazones.

Instead of informing and take a position, like, for example, when they so fervently state, am against the war, these folk don’t even bother to say where they stand. I guess that pretty much sums it up.