Daily Kos II

Apparently, all democrat things considered does not include what democrats are doing, in terms of immigration, at Daily Kos. Mexican newspaper El Universal is hailing John Kerry a heroe for presint’s Fox number one cause: immigration to keep low paying jobs at work in Mexico while syphoning skilled and dissenting voices to the US.

Fustiga senador John Kerry iniciativa migratoria
Señala el ex candidato presidencial demócrata que con la aprobación del proyecto enfrentaron a los republicanos que vieron la reforma de migración como una oportunidad para castigar a los inmigrantes

One just wonders why?

Yes, yes, I know that you are hopelessly monolingual and despite that Spanish is your next door neighbour, well, you haven’t really bothered to understand it, so here it is, a rather close approximation to it, that is, the news.

I hope that Mr Kos doesn’t complain about Kerry’s Spanish as he did Mr Bush, digo, don’t wanna causar too many malestares, dig’me?