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I realize the look of the blog is a clear cut absolute synonym for sterility. Blank. Sort of reminds one of the highschool joke about books: teacher, there aren’t any pictures in this book. As far as blogs are concerned this particular one violates all rules for success. There is no entertainment for the Iris. Blah is as close as it gets to diversion.

No Pablo inglés.

Pablo Francisco was/is in Sweden. I love that guy. He sort of embodies all my possible silliness. Dude, that blog is so blah you know. Eitherway, get a peek if you will: Pablo Francisco:

I guess I ought to spiff it up, or as some of the kids now a days say, in all their naiveness of course, pimp it up. Dude, pimp my blog.

Ah, humbug. The whole exercise of the blog is to have fun too, you know? And I haven’t been having too much of it here, I see. Boy, I hate when am sarcastic to my own self, or do I?

In a more serious tone I suppose that, hey! get a load of those self controlled norms I just applied to myself, ahem, as I was saying, I haven’t had the time or will or ganas, to do anything on this blog. I need like a million dollars to do something with it I suppose. Well as that isn’t going to happen anytime soon and to aggravate the matter more I have of lately been weening myself from the net. Sure, I give it more or less the same attention as always but not timewise. Mostly because am doing a Masters on English and that sucks time galore. In retrospective I should be doing some reading thereby but the stress is just killing. It actually feels good to get back to the old leatherbacks of the books.

I have come to the conclusion that I don’t like wordpress. IT makes it difficult for me to save and I find it too troublesome to do anything with it. For example, the tags I use for technorati disappear everytime I edit the post. Perhaps I should learn to wait for the tags until am thoroughly through.

Another thing is that I don’t like my categories. I restrained myself somewhat so I now don’t know what to do except that starting all over makes one lazy at the sight of the very idea yet I see no other solution.


where just gonna hafta dock some pay out of your check ese.

Pero porwhy eses?

Chale homes, you like pay more attention to the Spanish and Swedish blogs nowadays than me ese.

Pero its not done intentionally ese!

Sorry, a dock it is.

A ver, I had to rub my pinches ojos and wash my specs at the very sight.

I couldn’r freaging believe lo que leía delante de my screen.

Oso + Sensory Overload = true?

Of all the unlikely people. I just can’t get it over my head. Shíjole ese.


You don’t need my stinking blessings.

Aztlán is only the better for you guys having met.

Desde Sweden, un toast.

The power of the word never ceases to impress me. Especialmente cuando esas palabras conforman parte del lienzo donde se pinta al ser que supuestamente debería corresponder a la imagen que las palabras muestran. This becomes moreso a truth on the internet where the word adquieres ready made power, so much is taken for granted that one does not immediately realize it. El messenger es uno de esos aparatos que le dan a la palabra su poder más intoxicante. I can tell someone “It is 6am here and am having a glass of whisky”. This will usually induce incredubility at first. Todo lo que tengo que hacer es matar esa incredubilidad. “Yes, it’s true”. Esta confirmación hará despertar en el lector opuesto una serie de reacciones morales que pintaran la imagen de mi ser en el lienzo de su mente. What the reader at the other end doesn’t realize is that this may or may not be true; the word is taken at face value and it must be believed in order for it to become “true”. Y es más fácil creer que dudar, me lo imagino, pocos son los que se toman la molestia de tomar esos comentarios como “juegos” mentales. So the reader at the end will believe my written words as if we were sitting together in some cozy lounge somewhere facing each other eye to eye. El poder de la palabra en estos medios es increible. Surprise, it is not called lying, it is called mind control, manipulation of the image one wishes to present to others, ambiguity is after all a pursuable goal in the written letter. Es lo que más da prestigio, imitar pues a la mentira es la meta.

One really must fight this sort of imagery that the word tries so deceptivily to imprint on our minds. Lo peor que puede suceder es que termines como una pintura de Jackson Pollock.

There is an element of faith involved in writing for the internet crowd. El blog es otro de esos mecanismos donde la palabra se aloja creando imágenes de uno que pueden o no pueden corresponder al autor del blog. The blog and it’s author are intimately related with one another; one cannot escape the mutual dependency that exists between the blog and the writer. No es como un libro, el libro existe aparte del autor. Then again, this may or may not be true en México where it is not uncommon to treat the book and the author as one and the same; there is a cult for authors and these latter ones derive great respect for having written a book. Me imagino que esto es un modo de ser pre-hispánico, donde los escritores eran una clase aparte, no sé, puedo estar equivocado.

So the word paints images of one. ¿Qué más hacen sino evocar? I tend to evoke the past. Me gusta acordarme, pintar esos paisajes del pasado. I like to paint images with the word; it is stimulating. La ficción eso es, una imagen, se presenta una imagen alterna a lo que es creible. Fiction grants a license to lie until your toes twigle in delight. Mas yo sostengo que la palabra, al menos que estes presente, y sólo bajo ciertos críterios, siempre es ficción. Which criteria could that be? Se reduce a ciertas frases que sólo son verdades porque son verificables justo en el momento en que se dicen, suelen ser frases que tienen relación inmediata con la realidad presente. “I have a bruise on my wrist” is a phrase that one can readily test against these notions of true and false that so haunts us in the every day. Lo puedo confirmar, podría mostrar interes, “a ver” y si el susodicho sujeto me lo muestra y lo confirmo con mis ojos, entonces las palabras esas adquieren el matiz de “la verdad”. But if I hear “I went to Egypt yesterday”, there is no way in hell that I might ever with all certitude know that that which was uttered is true. Por lo menos no es tan fácil de confirmar lo anterior.

But off course, not everyone worries about these notions when they write, that is why it is so easy to believe the written word as it appears, or as the word is. Por eso cuando la gente escribe se ve como “su verdad” sease esa credibilidad que se le ascribes verdad o falsa. There is no time to waste on the vericity factor.

Y eso es lo que diferencia a ciertos lectores de otros lectores. To read is an arduous job but one that one can live with in order to fill the canvas of ones mind even more richer; life’s rich tapestry. So hay que luchar contra la imagen creada por la palabra, saber distinguir y sobretodo darle tiempo al ojo de la mente análisar las imágenes que se plasman en el lienzo de la mente pues el palete del pintor lo proporcianas tu.

Well slap me in the face and call me aunt Jamina, I was linked by the Agonist. Jíjole mano! I better clean up the place, I never expected visitors to this place from that corner of the net, shit, this is huge. Thanx for the Link Sean!

Dang, people were desperate for news or commentary on the boycott that even I made it not only to technorati but another place as well.

My rants tend to give odd kinds of results. Suffice to say I’ll let it stand. Interpretations are weird and it is pretty much useless to combat notions arised out of single, fast-paced readings of any text. I know where I stand and if people perceive the wrong impressions, well, so be it.

So the boycott is nearly history and we will have to wait for the fall out, ’cause there’ll be one. However, like everyone else, the Latino community has a short term memory as well and November, well, November is far away and unless there is a turn about in the language to address the American people English is and will remain the language of power and pretty much well after November. This means of course that those rethoric books which started to gain dust in the 60’s are about to get a dust off. People will have new problemas to deal with in November. The Powers To Be aren’t happy, as it were. They did a pretty goood job in dictating the power base to spread ambivalence though it trickled fairly slow down to the masses. Will the Latino vote in November as they voted yesterday with their feet?

The big fish that might have some chewing their nails off next quarter profit reporting: Kimberly-Clark.

I am guessing that they will come out with some sort of announcement distancing themselves from James Sensenbrenner. Boy, talk about stupid. This guy ought to know that one of the fastest growing populations is precisely the one he is trying to kick out of the US and that means a lot of diapers out there. Good old monopolies aren’t just what they once were. All is not given though, the Mexican blogsphere was pretty much abuzz this fact though it stands to see if it made it to the streets. If it did then Kimberly-Clark will most likely feel a drop and I don’t mean a poo-poo in one of their diapers.

Though it might sound like there were a lot of people out there on the net reporting the boycott the fact of the matter is that the numbers don’t go beyond my two hands. And that in spanish. Very few dedicated people were alighting their keywords with flames in their fingers or was it because they were too busy out in force allá en Aztlán? The next following days should see a huge load of posts related to the boycott with memories and nostalgia what not.

Those of us who sat it out in countries, like say, Sweden, rather enjoyed the efforts put out by Juan Manuel this guy got the pics, the vids, 1, 2 and the text to back up the reporting from both Tijuana and Sydro as the locals call San Ysidro.

Alt1040 was doing good as well urging his base to feed his blog with news. Two rather interesting bits came out of there, the Kimberly-Clark bit and the floodsite.

Olganza and Regioblogs were at it too in part reporting and in part doing compilations of news reels about the boycott. Like I said, the Xicano blogsphere must of have been out in force.

Other pics from the frontera can be seen here and here.

Guys and gals: I can’t thanx you guys enough for the work you did.

Ok, I moved some numbers on the css and the context box and sidebar box of my wp based blog and are now at different variables than before. I wanted to add the radioblog, check it out. It’s got a few swedish indy selections and other goodies that are given free on the net.

Right, so I downloaded the spanish versión of the Star Spangled anthem over at I love the Military Industrial Complex mexican newspaper El Universal. Go give it a listen.

First impresions, wuacatelas, not my pinche cup de manzanilla té ese. I suppose that some people might find something positive about it. Not this old school Xicano. The one that gives me the goose bumps is by far and large the english version. Some nutcrack ought to go ahead and do the Mexican anthem in english just to ruffle some feathers though if one is to trust what lies in the archives of the wiki link then touché!. Heck, if the Americans turned the Canadian flag upside down the only rightful thing to do to integrate even more our NAFTA loveable nations is to keep stepping on each others toes, man it’s getting crowded here!

Sí, sí, the boycott, blah, blah. Reminds one of the Wobbly army that wanted to take over Tijuana in 1911. And because the people of Reagen are seeing red all over the boicott since it will be held May 1st, an ominoius day if there ever was one in the States and in Califas as well, many are voicing their last Cold War caca at it. Unions are jumping at the event that will be and promises to be one of its kind since, well, the Woblies … Yet the steam is hot and some are calling it like it is:

Third: for real hardball -why has the Democratic party not sent out investigators to find firms run by Bush pioneers use which mostly illegals? (Hint: start with the meat packing industry.)

And over at Kos gang: May Day Nationwide Immigration Strike Heats Up

I come from a very conservative family myself and whenever that day appeared my uncle always murmured things the likes of if it is Workers Day the best thing you can do to celebrate it is by working. No arguing there, and I mean no arguing, jíjole I worked. I hear the same clamor over at the Tijuana blogsphere where some voices are tired over the hyped up event.

L.A Mayor and Xicano at large Antonio Villaraigosa has run-off to Texaztlán claiming business issues but everyone knows the burden of the ambivalence in the air has him under pressure. I mean come on. Bush as been against the boicott and now the catholic church has put their two narco-stained pesos on the latino mexicano protest. Talk about turning tides, one remembers well how Arnhold was very much against immigrants but now California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is suddenly pro-immigration and pro-marches and pro-boicott. Sheez, qué sabe Anhold que no sepa Villaraigosa?

Zulma Aguiar, another Chicana de la frontera, or so it seems: welcome to the fold, the more the merrier.

As we merrily recall, Geronimo, pops and I, she once left a message at the offices asking us to check out some grrrls at a flickr acount she has. Well, now we know she has a blog too.

De por cierto, El Pocho abogado is doing a good thing by propagating a website where students who walked out, in conjuction with the greatest American protests ever against any piece of legislation, can get legal advice and help due to their God given right to Civil Disobedience.

Me hacen proud mendigos, snif, chamacos condenados, ya hasta una lagrima me hicieron correr.

We all know how those George W. Bush sicko sycophant lackeys can get.

Ta-ta, es todo por hoy.

Richard Rodriguez:

By and large what we have seen is a refusal of the official left or the right to speak well of illegal immigrants. I think what that has done is allowed American nativism — and I use that word advisedly — allowed American nativism to participate in a drama that we have seen along the border a century ago, as early as the 1920s and ’30s. When Americans had finished with the labor they wanted from the Mexicans, we decided to send them back. Of course 10 years later during World War II we wanted that labor again, because American men had gone to the European and Asian theater. We go through these cycles of wanting the Mex-ican’s labor and not wanting the Mexican. Of using his or her energy and then pretending we never wanted it in the first place.

And this from Dos Centavos:

That someone I have known and worked with would be threatened for simply fighting for the rights of people. I would hope that progressive people take note and march on April 10th! March to support hard-working people!

2¢-avos can keep hoping.

I have been complaining that, as far as the blogsphere is concerned, very little items have been posted on the matter and this from the big fish the likes of Daily Kos and The Agonist, je, those are the ones I visit most frecuently. I find it odd, at best, that these people who decry everything that is wrong with the Bush administration aren’t focusing on matters that concern America. Sadly, when they do, their true colors arise and it becomes a nasty tit-for-tat vitrolic argument from people who don’t really say what’s in their corazones.

Instead of informing and take a position, like, for example, when they so fervently state, am against the war, these folk don’t even bother to say where they stand. I guess that pretty much sums it up.

Oh finally, the Kos gang has opined on the immigration protests back in Aztlán. I suppose they can’t be seen allowing the right wing machinary having a field day (more like a shark feeding frenzy) on the immigration protests without them putting their two cents on it, just to, you know, not to let it pass they hadn’t said anything on it.

Though the Kos gang seems to be seeing beyond the xenophobic right-wing smoke screen. They seem to be realizing that americans have a right to opine on matters of US national interest in whichever way they see fit to do it. After all waving a flag is a form of freedom of speech and americans do have a tradition of protesting through civil disobedience unjust laws.

It does not matter how they do it, regardless, they are americans, period. They are exercising their constitutional right to protest against legislation that might harm them.

Right wing nuts want to tell people how to be american in such an unamerican fashion that it is nearly facist. They only want one and only kind of americanism and that is blue eyed, blonde and white. Anything else is alien.

The right wing nuts will distract the message of the protest by focusing on the flags and the identities of mexicans. This tactic was used by Michelle Malkin to derail Bustamante’s aspirations to the California goverment house back in the old recall days of Ahnold S in 2003.

Wanna read what this craze looney, who sways opinion on national matters when immigration matters alight on the nation, has to say nowadays? Read on.

After that unhealthy dose of right wing propaganda go read Ed Brock’s Why ‘MEChA’ won’t conquer the Southwest, to regain conciousness again, sorry for the brutal blow to your retinas, but this is an immigration issue and one that divides, like all immigration debates ought to do in Aztlán.

Ah, yes, I know, you love to regurtitate more, here’s more for your over exercized brain, go on, click on it.

Apparently, all democrat things considered does not include what democrats are doing, in terms of immigration, at Daily Kos. Mexican newspaper El Universal is hailing John Kerry a heroe for presint’s Fox number one cause: immigration to keep low paying jobs at work in Mexico while syphoning skilled and dissenting voices to the US.

Fustiga senador John Kerry iniciativa migratoria
Señala el ex candidato presidencial demócrata que con la aprobación del proyecto enfrentaron a los republicanos que vieron la reforma de migración como una oportunidad para castigar a los inmigrantes

One just wonders why?

Yes, yes, I know that you are hopelessly monolingual and despite that Spanish is your next door neighbour, well, you haven’t really bothered to understand it, so here it is, a rather close approximation to it, that is, the news.

I hope that Mr Kos doesn’t complain about Kerry’s Spanish as he did Mr Bush, digo, don’t wanna causar too many malestares, dig’me?

I haven’t checked the state of the xicano blogsphere and I frankly don’t have the ganas. The fact of the matter is that we are different. I have mexican values ingrained in me like a tattoo in my nalgas. Though I harbour gringo values in my xicano DNA the fact that am not an american citizen sets me apart like a ten feet pole does whenever you don’t want someone around.

Citizenship does matter. And even though you hear that xicanos are discriminated chicanos themselves discriminate against those that are not American citizens. This fact has always permeated the Xicano ens and it will continue to no end forever and ever until people start talking about it. Does citizenship matter to be a Xicano?

Personally I think that citizenship should not matter. Though we are with our families our illegal alien cousins, nuestros primitos mojados, make us forget the obvious: there is a difference. We say it in many ways. One of them is markedly shutting them out from our hip lives.

I always used to hate it when my gringo not chicano cousins born in the USA distanced themselves from the kind of activities I pursued. Their enlgish speaking I have mexican parents but don’t speak Spanish friends always came first, the hip of the hip and the real beaner left out, yeah, that was me.

Amongst chicanos speaking Spanish can be a detriment or a plus. Some chicanos even look upon us in a condescending way as if it were a pest of sorts. I know a little Spanish as if solidarity meant to feel sorry for one for being so different ….

This blog has become one of no-writing, why is that so is like trying to explain why the sun rises on the East. Does it now? Either way, I feel like I need to explain the total absence of letters here, but that is what has become of this blog. This blog is about the absence of letters. There are no letters here. However, am afraid that I created a monster of sorts.

There is nothing worse than the sore sight that an unupdated blog presents, in that respect my blog is a sore, a languishing remain that is begging, so will the imagination and the demands of the refresh society of the internet would will it, to be killed, that someone please pull the plug, but alas! Mis dretactores mios, this is my blog and here I do as I please. I never intended to create a blog to please. If my blog has become a sore to the eye than I intended not to create such a hedious monster however, one learns as one surfs on the web that things sometimes can generate life on their own.

Time, on the internet, is something we like fresh and now, like newspapers on our doorsteps in the morning. We want it according to what our watches, our little regulator on the corner of our machines, dictates. Here we go not by the dictums of father time nor of the fiats of lady Greenwich but of the sayings that appear on the horizon and if there is a writing on the wall they will appear on this blog, on the meanwhile sit back and enjoy. There is more than meets the eye here.

Buoyed by Elena‘s enthuastic encouragement I downloaded the google map program. I inmediately went to Tijuana: Amazing. I just took a peek at the serpent like metal fence that separates our two countries across my native birth state of Baja California. I was awed. I even took a trip down memory lane and headed to Redwood city, I looked at some old neighbourhoods. I am delighted. Thanks Elena for the tip esa.

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