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Incredible, I seem to have extricated myself from one of the most dominant issues that impregnate the Xicano ens: immigration.

I don’t know why, exactly, we xicanos entangle ourselves so much with immigration. Immigration as phenomena to live the everyday, to give rise to consciousness, that thing you do when you wake up in the mornings, to create a drive to live is astounding in us. I suppose that we are so wrapped in it as children that slowly the fabric becomes the very meaningful existence of the sunrise in our daily lives. Immigration gives us sorrow, a fighting chance, happiness, excitement and a stake in that America that so often we portray as a foreign agent in our political discourse.

I feel nothing for immigration. This disinterest for the very issues that feeds much thought in Xicano narrative in the US is all but bygone. I first noticed this a few years ago but until now it has managed to manifest itself as formulated thought. It all came to light because I found myself surprised at an article that appeared in Svenska Dagbladet on how illegal immigration has saved an all gringo (pure and unstained from xicano culture one would guess) town due to the influx of illegal immigration. I’ve complained before about the skewed view this newspaper gives of illegal immigration in the US but to little or none effect, my thoughts have gone the way of disregarded thought, by the turn of a head, by unexpressed critic like ‘rubbish’ and so on.

One seldom sees an article explaining the phenomena or the causes of immigration in the Nordic press but rather one hears through the Swedish language the ailing and wailing of the American conservative outcry (a phenomena that started out in the middle of the 80’s) that mexicans are running over the USA. Perhaps that is to change

I guess that is what most riles a decent xicano about pochos. They seem to be able to have superseded this intrinsic drive and are as aloof as gringo can be. We hate that. We don’t like that. Yet here I am, away, the umbilical cord of immigration cut. I feel nothing and as if disfranchised from my community I must now seek my path. I sound like Geronimo, I know.

Luckily for me xicanismo liveth not only out of immigration.

Ever since mexican President Felipe Calderón entered office in Los Pinos, the mexican equivalent of the White House, the mexican military has had more than its share of the limelight.

Before Calderón, the military was a topic of dubious temptation because many in mexican society decried the mexican military to be some kind of social panacea to the ills that ail the mexican nation. Mostly as a panacea to the ineptitudes of the judiciary system which has been, up to date, inefficient in combating all sorts of crime.

The military has now been in action since the inception of the Calderón presidency and as always, the military has had clashes with how society works. A cultural shock is in place as we speak. A deadly one might I add.

This after it finally had cleared itself from the 1968 Tlatelolco Massacre.

One would have to ask the mexican military with what kind of bedfellows it beds with.

Ever since Calderón came to office the military has had to endure ridicule at the hands of the President beginning with a portrayal of Felipe Calderón in military garment that barely fitted him making him look like a Charles Chaplin in a drunken haze to the accusations the military has not been able to shake off of violating an elderly autochtonous nahuátl inhabitant of Veracruz.

Add to that that today five military service men died at the hands of narco men then one begins to suspect that the panacea was less than the expected maná which was to quell the hunger for justice in the old Aztec nation.

In a nation with a tendency to undermine its democratic institutions like a Hong Kong under British rule one can scratch its head at will.

The military is in disarray and in need of direction.

This ultimately affects the US in one way or another. For in the long run the policy towards the South has been quite at odds with public discourse.

And this doesn’t bode well with the flow in the Potomac because there seems to be a flow against the current, and if a lowly citizen can detect that then the Powers to be have to explain a lot just exactly is it that is going on South of the Border.

First posted at the Agonist.

First and foremost I would like to point out that despite Sean Kelly’s bragging about his Spanish skills there’s still isn’t a México category in the topic section of the dairies. Though I guess one not ought to complain since the label Latin America ought to suffice for more than 22 countries that speak Spanish, including México in that lot.

Having let that grudge out of the chest we shall move forward with the business of extrapolating mexican politics in an very brief and concise manner. Though space is not an issue I must take into account for two factors in the exigency at hand, one, the short attention span of the blog reader who mostly out of happenstance clicks on the link and the other less likely these times, interest in the topic at hand.

Botched attempts at legitimatizing Calderón via the US media have resulted in awkward spells the sort that remind one of Macbeth. And at home the thing doesn’t get any better.

So beside the media blitzkrieg which has characterized the Calderón presidency thus far what is said beyond TV, and by it I mean the net, I am, after all, in Sweden, might I remind those not in the know, the Spanish written outlets paint a not so pretty picture for the current TV and Big Business sanctioned president of México.

First, allow us to remind ourselves that Calderón started his troubled presidency by trying to present an image of a tough man of the law. He brought out the army out of its barracks to fight lawlessness, created by none other than his predecessor, Vicente Fox. The idea was simple: since police enforcement was so corrupted that the federal government had to use its last credible institution to fight crime it had no choice but to enforce the law by means of military intervention.

It backfired.

By declaring war on crime many who entertained the idea that something was left of a powerful and centralized government received a shocking truth. They earnestly thought the government would quell bad boys and they praised the government for the initiative. Alas! the mexican army has not only exacerbated the situation in the 31 states that make a quasi highly centralized federation called México by staining the thin line between civil and military laws it has also exposed the men in green to the follies of a society which revolves around a corrupt spin in every event of its daily life. The military has put into question the very fabric of the federation and placed a thin rope on a Democles Sword above a fragile constituency. The Army is now stained with murder, corruption and above all, is acting as if they themselves are above the law.

Second, Calderón has made a series of blunders that inevitably will affect not only the nefarious NAFTA deal co-signed by the Salinas-Bush gang but the very fabric which has distinguished Canada, the USA and México in this lofty yet spurious accord. This no doubt in part with the USA’s aid. Now, I say the latter because the USA has a record of a Catholic priest on penance on Easter Sunday. Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa can be heard every day in the US media, at home but abroad, the story is different. Abroad, these Utilitarian and old Methodist evangelical sons and daughters would give two rats about the very land they so dearly want to save for the Lord they purport to serve. Indeed, one can even give a stretch of the imagination and argue that if it weren’t for all those pesky mexicans which insist in being in México things might just be a tad smoother for all concerned.

Those blunders start with the very presidency he purports to represent, which Fort Knox springs to mind since Calderón can’t be seen around the people that elected him to the chair he so comfortably sits in because repudiation will sprout like a stubborn weed that just keeps coming back.

And oh yeah, then there are those pesky budgets which of lately are spilling the beans like wild grass in early spring. Yes, discrepancies about Vicente Fox’s use of taxpayer’s money are flourishing like flowers on a green meadow. He has lots to explain but don’t expect him to get caught by the amputated arm of the law in México. Nope. Now that would be akin to a wanker’s wet dream coming through.

The list goes on and the fight even more so. To the point that even the Catholic church has stepped to defend its favorite candidate this despite the fact that the mexican constitution prohibits the clergy from partaking in politics, but does the Catholic church care? Go read mexican papers to find out.

Well, I suppose that what I want to say is that México is on the verge of something, may it be 2010 or a real democracy unfolding south of the border I know not. But something is afoot, and that’s for sure.

One wonders if it is indeed a case of self-censorship.

Had they gone ahead with the results I imagine it would had been quite an odd thing to pour graces on a person who is non grata. It would certainly go against the anti-communist mentality that still prevails in spirit if not flesh amongst the politburo elite in the US or the flow of the Potomac though the Cold War vanished years ago.

I am speaking of Time magazine’s recent internet poll on who should be the Person of the Year.

I first became aware of the poll via Sendero del Peje a liberal, leftist blog that espouses Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s ideas in its crusade of going against the Carlos Salinas de Gortari gang. The Sendero gang encouraged its readers to go and vote because Hugo Chávez, the President of Venezuela, was amongst the persons nominated amongst a plethora of bad guys. The poll seems clearly intended to steer support for George W. Bush.

Oddly enough Time Magazine chose a person that wasn’t even nominated in the first place, You.

The liberal gang over at Sendero interpreted this as a cowardly act on behalf of Time magazine, arguing that to have Hugo Chávez as a winner would have been too much. And I tend to concur because having a Hugo Chávez win would go against the grain of the very fabric of capitalist mentality where things such as this tend to be viewed in a perplexed state of mind. All this comes at the backdrop of Gore Vidal’s visit to Cuba. He once said that if the US really had a free press, things in the US wouldn’t be as muddy as they are now.

I suppose the press has been far the cry they claim to dictators and I would almost guess those very dictators are learning valuable lessons from our “free press”

I also suppose that the press builds an ideal of itself like we all tend to do with ourselves and yet never match that ideal in anyway.

I reason that our press, because this issue also affects México, becomes part of the establishment when the Press gains more by being on the side of the power brokers than the people they are supposed to be telling the truth to.

Some might argue that freedom of press is to debunk the very flow of lies that encroach upon us and our so-called liberties, and since there are many whose voices are heard anyway, this very freedom is alive and well as we speak.

Truth be, it is all a pack of lies. There isn’t freedom of the press because the truth, however uncomfortable, never leaves the presses without a negotiation or adjustment to suit the buyer. The Media Conglomerates are favored by Powers To Be by making said news kingpins official and sanctioned authorities for the real truth.

The road to debunk said official truth is arduous and long. And in the along all kinds of human phenomena materialize and the people never see the real day of light come to their front doors.

Then again, no one said the truth is a here and now experience.

Well, how does it feel to be latinamerican, Spanish speaking and mexican these days? That is the most common question in form of jest jeer I get since that fateful day in early december, I dare not recollect, to paraphrase Cervantes.

I honestly feel awful. We mexicans are at a crux in epic proportions.

Upon us are several mythological spells that have us spellbound.

The nearest one coming is 2010.

According to this myth México is to have a revolution every 100 years. 1810, 1910, and now 2010.

The next one has to do with the renovation Aztec mythology stamped its soul with: 2012, december of all dates are to conclude a period in México. Total nihilism is to be present on that date.

Besides that we have only ourselves to blame.

From the North even mild mannered anglos turn to the left and to the South all countries are regaining a sense of overcoming a history that has been unjust to them.

We mexicans?

We don’t even recognize ourselves in the shattered mirror Octavio Paz left behind to reflect ourselves upon. More and more it looks like a mirror from the ancient past: obsidian and ready material for sacrifice. Oaxaca anyone?

The opposition decries foul play accusing the PAN of being a party of the rich and obscure interests. They are accused of serving themselves the very best whilst the crumbs of the nation fall upon a mass that can’t even get a glimpse of it since the dissolution can’t reach all.

A wild capitalism that only serve to finance riches untold for every day that nation exists in its present condition.

Those in power accuse, in turn, the oppostion of sedition and of being a danger for the nation. The government even dares pin fault to the opposition for the very crimes they themselves committed during the swearing in of the said constitutional president of México. A president that rabidly accused the oppostion of tainting democratic institutions while they crookedly interpret laws to their hearts delight.

George W. Bush, México’s friend and the now Democrat held congress winking OK at the situation they have before themselves.

This in spite that the Council on Hemispheric Affairs (COHA) alarmingly stated a widely held belief in Spanish speaking América: With Calderón’s Deeply Troubled Inauguration Last Night, Amidst a Deteriorating Security Situation in Oaxaca, the Possibility of a New Mexican Revolution Cannot Be Ruled Out

The bad omen list goes on forever: there is no happy future and only a narrative that serves the purposes of the current capitalistic ideology see a future for their interests: reminds one of the first chapter of the Matrix.

The biggest irony lies in the Emperor’s new clothes: The PRI won big: the chameleon managed to infiltrate itself in the fabric of all parties. The PRI is de facto represented in all mexican parties.


Tagging México in Technorati can really give a jolt to ones self-steem. Really. A throw back to the days of the Black Legend. Jíjole.

Estados Unidos: El sorpresivo voto asiático
alejandro maciel

Los Ángeles, Cal., 20 de noviembre (apro).- En silencio, la comunidad asiática de California fue la gran sorpresa electoral del pasado 7 de noviembre. Logró, entre otras cosas, que 19 de los 20 candidatos que lanzaron para puestos de elección popular, triunfaran de manera arrolladora en el estado de California.

Con estos triunfos en posiciones estatales, la comunidad asiática logró aumentar a 20 los funcionarios electos de ese origen, obteniendo la mayor representación política en su historia.

La victoria de John Chiang como contralor estatal atrajo la atención de los medios de comunicación, ya que se convirtió en el primer asiático en ocupar ese puesto. Sin embargo, en otras áreas del gobierno estatal la presencia de esa comunidad es mayoritaria.

La oficina encargada de expedir el número de identificación para que los negocios declaren sus impuestos, llamada State Board of Equalization, está formada por cinco miembros. Después de las elecciones, cuatro de los cinco representantes, son asiáticos. El único puesto en poder de una persona no asiática, no estaba en disputa.

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El problema “latino” en Estados Unidos

El profesor de la Universidad de California en San Diego, Jorge Mariscal, resalta la desunión de los latinos para lograr reformas a su favor. Ante la problemática de los hispanos, visualiza una literatura empapada con la ideología de la neoasimilación.

Enrique Mendoza Hernández

A propósito de las elecciones para renovar el congreso federal en el vecino país, el Doctor Jorge Mariscal, profesor del Departamento de Estudios Chicanos y Latinos de la Universidad de California en San Diego, platicó recientemente con ZETA sobre la cultura chicana, la división de las comunidades latinas, la falta de una agenda política profunda en cuanto a asuntos migratorios, el renglón electoral traducido en muro fronterizo y la forma en cómo ha evolucionado, a grandes rasgos, la literatura chicana.

El Movimiento Chicano, aquella comunidad prácticamente contracultural de los 60s surgida en pro de los derechos civiles en “el otro lado”, hoy se encuentra dividida y hasta desconocida por los inmigrantes recién llegados en busca del “sueño americano”, sobre todo por los más de 16 millones de latinoamericanos que arribaron a Estados Unidos de 1990 a 2002. Las diferencias son evidentes:

“Los mexicanos ricos en los malls en La Jolla (California) o El Paso (Texas), tienen poco en común con los migrantes que pizcan fresas, empacan pollos o trabajan en los swap shops; los recién llegados desconocen el mundo del chicano de la segunda, tercera o cuarta generación”, dice el activista de YANO (Youth And Non Military).
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(The sorry state of politics in the Chicano community)

By: Herman Baca, President
Committee on Chicano Rights

The 2006 elections are over! President George Bush and his Republicans party have righteously lost mainly because of voter’s opposition to the war in Iraq. Democrats have reaped the benefits by winning both the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate. As for the Chicano community the political question remains, how did we fare politically with the elections? Did we remain the same, go backwards, or move forward?

The question has to be put in context. I remember when I first got involved (1968) in Chicano politics with the Mexican American Political Association (MAPA) that their was one elected Chicano in the state legislature, Assemblyman Alex Garcia from Los Angeles, and in San Diego County one elected person of Mexican ancestry, Councilman Louie Camacho from National City.

To further answer the above question, we should look at what happened in National City, California (my home town) because as I have stated in the past: it is a microcosm of what is going to happen in California in the not to distant future.

National City, like most cities in California with large Chicano populations, is an old city, the oldest after San Diego proper. Also as will be the case in California the majority population (65%) is of Mexican ancestry, and Anglos with 20% of the population the minority. Economically, NC is the poorest in San Diego’s County and suffers from some of the worst social, economic and political conditions. Like most Chicano communities in California those conditions include, unaccountable politicians, the highest crime rate, worst police community relations, housing, recreational services, youth and senior problem, to name a few.

Politically, the city government is presently controlled by “Hispanics” Mayor, Nick Inzunza and City Council persons, Louie Natividad, Frank Parra, and Rosalie Zarate. However as is the case in other Chicano communities in California, the Anglo minority continues to control National City’s economy, politics and “Hispanic” politicians. Reasons for this are the massive economic power of police, firemen, city unions, Chamber of Commerce, Mile of Cars, builders, developers, and lobbyists, most who do not reside in the city. These outside interests control politically by providing contribution to “go along” His-her-panic politicians, while the right wing pro-business Republican controlled San Diego Union endorses and props them up.

So the question remains, have Chicano communities such as National City’s and others in California after 38 years of fighting issues, registering people, fielding candidates, campaigning for and against propositions, recalls etc, gone backwards, remained the same, or moved politically forward after Tuesday’s election?

In my opinion, after 38 years of political involvement and reviewing Tuesday’s election results, we are going backwards!

In California, Ex. Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante, a candidate for Insurance Commissioner, who was the first Chicano to be elected to statewide office in the last 125 years, was the only Democrat to lose state wide office by being soundly defeated! With Bustamante’s defeat, California’s Chicanos, 35% of the state population are now left without representation in California state wide elected offices. In other words, back to the 60’s!

Locally, especially in National City the political answer is even more conclusive. National City Chicano community after Tuesday’s election is witness to the unbelievably political spectacle of “Hispanic” politicians, the mayor (run out of office after being accused of being a slum lord), and 3 “Hispanic” council persons handing political leadership over to an Anglo, (elected Mayor Ron Morrison) who represents 20% of the population.

While there is nothing wrong with a qualified Anglo (with a track record) of serving and leading the majority population, the historical political fact is that the Chicano community has never been politically represented. Whether newly elected Mayor Ron Morrison proves to be different remains to be seen.

Other troublesome voting factors in Tuesday’s election were: only 33% of NC 15,901 registered voters (4875) bothered to vote, and the arrogant attitude of “Hispanic” mayoral candidates who refused to respond to questions, or state their positions on issues to a survey forwarded by our organization.

With the low voter turn out, the above attitudes, and lackadaisical campaigns of the out of touch “Hispanic” candidates, Anglo Mayoral candidate Ron Morrison cruised to an easy victory. One that will now allow him to govern National City, with barely a 12% mandate out of 15,901 registered voters!

Other regional races involving “Hispanics” provided the same disastrous results. In Chula Vista (a community with a heavy population of persons of Mexican ancestry) first time Mayor Steve Padilla got handily beat by right wing Republican Cheryl Cox. In Escondido two racist incumbent councilpersons, Marie Widman and Dick Daniels who supported the racist anti Mexican can’t rent to Mexicans ordinance cruised to an easy victory. This in spite of a valiant effort by Ms. Olga Diaz who received only 15% of the vote in a city where the population of persons of Mexican ancestry is close to 50%!

Even though their was some political success at the lower levels of the political chain (school boards, council seats, etc.) it should be obvious by the disastrous election results that if even though our population has increased by leaps and bounds, our political involvement, astuteness and representation has not. At best we are living politically with the illusion of inclusion, and at worst appear to be returning back to the 1960’s! Time for La Raza Unida Party?

First found at la Prensa-San Diego and then copy pasted without authorization because this stuff needs to be spread.

I liked the following political cartoon by T. Sifuentes P.

I did so because it typifies to the dot the inmigration problem between US and México.

On the one side we see Uncle Sam leaning against a wall that our good friend Jorge doble U Arbusto signed into law. On the other a what may be perceived as a mexican peasent trying to hold back Uncle Sam’s weight.

It is laughable because one of the many current storms hitting México these days is the fact that güero Americans are more and more choosing several mexican states as their primary choice of retirement these days.

So many states in México, say, Baja California and Baja California Sur are being flooded by retirees of all kinds from the US.

What is the inmigration verbal tit for tat rethoric gonna do for our North American lives is yet to be known.

Yet, as an spectator, I can’t help but see irony in all of it.

The iberoamerican, as we are known in Spanish lingo, in the cartoon, is trying to hold back a Güero civilization that is already in place and Uncle Sam reclining against a wall they themselves built to detain a force they don’t understand.

There are many interpretations here at once.

But one can’t help seeing the irony reflected in the cartoon. And am all for it.

Argh, so much shit is happening in Oaxaca that the linguistic pull is inevitable, I spend tremendous amount of time trying to keep up to date with the conflict. I sometimes collaborate with the Agonist and turn in pieces there but right now I just read and keep on reading.

I am kissing my broadband cables as we speak because I get to listen and see the events in a minute by minute fashion. It is just too bad that I need to sleep and believe me when I say that had I the chance not to I would.

In México the universities are supposed to be autonomous but they really aren’t. This PAN lead government really are a bunch of weird burocrats. Am sick of their policies and I just want them to get the hell out of the political spectrum.

I realize that conservatives besides being the bulwark of change also have the duty to take advantage of every loop hole they can find in order to stop even more sinister forces from taking over our system but, but, they are also a force that must be battled.

This is the nature of politics and as a political creature I tend to represent the other side. How have we allowed the conservatives to gain so much power is beyond me but I can imagine things that now I see as being necessary evils, such as the conservative purpose in our society.

This is the society that my generation has created. By being unsymphatic to the whole establishment we allowed for conservatives to take over and now we are paying high for not participating in a system that only has its rules about change rather well cut out, fit to made, for those in upper echeleons.

If we manage to gain power I hope that we destroy every piece of conservative shit that only benefits the few.

Enjoy. Like always, dame las gracias later ese.

So not Kimberly-Clark anymore

Blogger is not being nice. I got two accounts there and I can’t post what I am doing on the net regards the boycott. So be it. Watching the news reel from the spanish blogsphere. These are the following links:

Juan Manuel, Olganza, El gran boycott en marcha, Alt1040, Regioblogs.

Pop the popcorn, am watching now!

PS: David, thanx for stopping by!

Ah, yes, your retinas desire a visual then and now, Nathan Gibbs and Manuel are providing the goodies.

Yes, we know that you wanna do something that makes you feel good besides eating popcorn and watch, so go here, as Alt1040 suggested y deja tu browser open, flood rhose wingnuts.

Pinche raza: Bush, escucha, estamos en la lucha!

Just watched on one of those cnn live video feeds: what’s your legal status? It’s irrelevant here, you should be ashamed for asking that question, we are all americans here [L.A] …

Am hitting the sack but check out TVAzteca live coverage as well, man this is exciting ese.

Ok, I moved some numbers on the css and the context box and sidebar box of my wp based blog and are now at different variables than before. I wanted to add the radioblog, check it out. It’s got a few swedish indy selections and other goodies that are given free on the net.

Right, so I downloaded the spanish versión of the Star Spangled anthem over at I love the Military Industrial Complex mexican newspaper El Universal. Go give it a listen.

First impresions, wuacatelas, not my pinche cup de manzanilla té ese. I suppose that some people might find something positive about it. Not this old school Xicano. The one that gives me the goose bumps is by far and large the english version. Some nutcrack ought to go ahead and do the Mexican anthem in english just to ruffle some feathers though if one is to trust what lies in the archives of the wiki link then touché!. Heck, if the Americans turned the Canadian flag upside down the only rightful thing to do to integrate even more our NAFTA loveable nations is to keep stepping on each others toes, man it’s getting crowded here!

Sí, sí, the boycott, blah, blah. Reminds one of the Wobbly army that wanted to take over Tijuana in 1911. And because the people of Reagen are seeing red all over the boicott since it will be held May 1st, an ominoius day if there ever was one in the States and in Califas as well, many are voicing their last Cold War caca at it. Unions are jumping at the event that will be and promises to be one of its kind since, well, the Woblies … Yet the steam is hot and some are calling it like it is:

Third: for real hardball -why has the Democratic party not sent out investigators to find firms run by Bush pioneers use which mostly illegals? (Hint: start with the meat packing industry.)

And over at Kos gang: May Day Nationwide Immigration Strike Heats Up

I come from a very conservative family myself and whenever that day appeared my uncle always murmured things the likes of if it is Workers Day the best thing you can do to celebrate it is by working. No arguing there, and I mean no arguing, jíjole I worked. I hear the same clamor over at the Tijuana blogsphere where some voices are tired over the hyped up event.

L.A Mayor and Xicano at large Antonio Villaraigosa has run-off to Texaztlán claiming business issues but everyone knows the burden of the ambivalence in the air has him under pressure. I mean come on. Bush as been against the boicott and now the catholic church has put their two narco-stained pesos on the latino mexicano protest. Talk about turning tides, one remembers well how Arnhold was very much against immigrants but now California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is suddenly pro-immigration and pro-marches and pro-boicott. Sheez, qué sabe Anhold que no sepa Villaraigosa?

Oh finally, the Kos gang has opined on the immigration protests back in Aztlán. I suppose they can’t be seen allowing the right wing machinary having a field day (more like a shark feeding frenzy) on the immigration protests without them putting their two cents on it, just to, you know, not to let it pass they hadn’t said anything on it.

Though the Kos gang seems to be seeing beyond the xenophobic right-wing smoke screen. They seem to be realizing that americans have a right to opine on matters of US national interest in whichever way they see fit to do it. After all waving a flag is a form of freedom of speech and americans do have a tradition of protesting through civil disobedience unjust laws.

It does not matter how they do it, regardless, they are americans, period. They are exercising their constitutional right to protest against legislation that might harm them.

Right wing nuts want to tell people how to be american in such an unamerican fashion that it is nearly facist. They only want one and only kind of americanism and that is blue eyed, blonde and white. Anything else is alien.

The right wing nuts will distract the message of the protest by focusing on the flags and the identities of mexicans. This tactic was used by Michelle Malkin to derail Bustamante’s aspirations to the California goverment house back in the old recall days of Ahnold S in 2003.

Wanna read what this craze looney, who sways opinion on national matters when immigration matters alight on the nation, has to say nowadays? Read on.

After that unhealthy dose of right wing propaganda go read Ed Brock’s Why ‘MEChA’ won’t conquer the Southwest, to regain conciousness again, sorry for the brutal blow to your retinas, but this is an immigration issue and one that divides, like all immigration debates ought to do in Aztlán.

Ah, yes, I know, you love to regurtitate more, here’s more for your over exercized brain, go on, click on it.

October 2, 2005

Chihuahua News

Teacher Murders Tied to Organized Crime, Politics?

It was a fateful autumn stroll. School teacher Sonia Madrid
Bojorquez and 19-year-old Maria Isabel Carrasco Vasquez
were walking along a street in the Chihuahua City
neighborhood of Nombre de Dios last Tuesday, when suddenly,
a group of men in a Grand Marquis automobile pulled up to
the two women. Shots rang out from the vehicle, striking
Madrid three times. The 39-year-old educator died on the
way to the hospital. Carrasco suffered a nervous attack but
was physically uninjured.

A local official with Mexico’s National Education Workers
Union (SNTE), Madrid was the latest in a string of
educators in Chihuahua state to fall victim to murder or
suspected foul play this year. Although no suspects have
been publicly named in the Madrid slaying, Chihuahua SNTE
leader Miguel Ramirez declared that organized crime was
sending violent messages to the union. Ramirez did not
elaborate. Union leaders called on law enforcement
authorities to capture Madrid’s murderers and clarify the
motive behind the killing.

The Madrid murder occurred within two days of planned
visits to Chihuahua state of two political rivals who are
involved in an all-out battle for control of the
Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) : presidential
hopeful Roberto Madrazo and Elba Esther Gordillo. As the
largest teacher’s union in Latin America, the 1.5 million-
member SNTE is a vital part of the PRI’s mass base. The
longtime head of the SNTE, Gordillo recently resigned as
the PRI’s secretary general, threatening to split the party
apart on the eve of the 2006 presidential and congressional

Gordillo controls a potentially huge base of votes critical
to the PRI’s prospects in next year’s elections, especially
in a tight race between a Madrazo candidacy and front-
runner Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador of the Party of the
Democratic Revolution. Close to President Vicente Fox and
his wife Martha Sahagun, Gordillo’s flirtations with the
National Action Party have inflamed her opponents within
the PRI. Gordillo also confronts long-running opposition
from the left within her union.

Gordillo’s planned visit to Chihuahua City was cancelled
after Madrid’s murder, but Madrazo’s campaign jaunt in
Chihuahua state went on as scheduled. One of two
candidates for the PRI’s presidential nomination, Madrazo
met in Ciudad Juarez with campaign supporters headed by
businessman Federico de la Vega. Madrazo’s stop in the
border city was marked by a demonstration by pro-Gordillo
protestors from the SNTE, who charged the former Tabasco
governor with being a “liar.”

In Ciudad Juarez last month, another teacher and SNTE
activist, Alma Delia Moreno Cadena, was abducted and
murdered along with her 21-year-old daughter, Diana Ortega
Moreno. The younger woman was also raped. Three men,
reportedly affiliated with a private security firm, were
quickly detained for the murders by Chihuahua law
enforcement authorities, but the suspects made
contradictory statements after their arrests. Moreno was
the wife of a former mayor of San Buenaventura, Chihuahua,
a town once reputed to be a recruiting ground for mafia

Also in Ciudad Juarez, a young teacher and SNTE member has
been missing since last May. Edith Aranda Longorio
disappeared after going to a job interview in downtown
Juarez. Fitting the profile of previous serial killer
victims, Aranda vanished in the same district where
numerous other young women and girls went missing in recent
years. Many were later found raped and murdered.

Sources: Norte, September 29 and 30, 2005. Articles by
Nicolas Juarez Caraveo and Margarita Hernandez. Diario de
Juarez, September 29, 2005. Article by Mauricio Rodriguez.
lapolaka.com, September 28 and 29, 2005.

Frontera NorteSur (FNS): on-line, U.S.-Mexico border news
Center for Latin American and Border Studies
New Mexico State University
Las Cruces, New Mexico

For a free electronic subscription email fnsnews@nmsu.edu

I wrote this separately but this, this is too goddamn juicy and it brings my dead brain cells a much needed mental orgasm, ahhh, Vatican details, as they say in law lingo, the devil lieth there ….

Power struggles in the Holy See, who would of have thought …

  • Noticed the recent spats between Il Vaticano and the Mex Gov? One would think the unthinkable. Very few people take seriously the power struggles allá en la Santa Sede. First things first. Fox is the head for a well known group called Yunque, an offshoot of this organization who by the by’s is challenging the very fabric of Opus Dei. Old Europe, what have you, will not have a Mexican org dictate its cojones. So first the Vat says that Mexico this and that drug barons blah blah. Then comes a statement by an obscure priest from a forgotten village in some Sierra of sorts saying illegal gains get purified through alms giving. A chisme that sets a flurry of otherwise silent intelectuales debating the very issues that, ajem! are well known in Mexican society (brings to mind the Godfather flick right?) but are never discussed in public. The same Pope that dictates more bible reading ought to be instituted now dictates to us that ethics discussions are forbidden. All in all, the Vat gets nervous and then reissues a statement that praises Mexico for its superb (my adv) fight against criminal org’s. Checkmate? Impasse? Who knows but they seem to stop kicking sand to each others ancles at the very least.

    Para más información chekea estos links aquí, aquí, aquí y aquí.

Quote unquote:
“Por ejemplo, si en una alcancía de una iglesia, un señor de estos (narcotraficante), deja un rollo de billetes, ¿quién lo puso?, sabe Dios, ¿serán del narcotráfico?, sabe Dios, puede ser que sí, puede ser que no… ese tipo de cosas no las podemos evitar”.

For example, if one of these guys (a drugdealer) leaves a wad of bucks on an alms box, how are we to know who left it there? Only God knows, it could be so, it could also not be so, we can’t avoid those kinds of things.”

Javier Eulalio Gómez,
Presidente de la Confederación Franciscana de México, al hablar de las ‘narcolimosnas’.

President of the Franciscan confederation when he spoke of the so called drug-related alms giving.


Nortec Collective continues to define the sound of Tijuana

You just gotta love the title of this news article. For the rest of the story clickeale acá ese.

By the by’s, if you wanna try your good rotten luck, a veces these guys give out free music en su saite.

the thing that bothers me about the war the US is waging: the curtailing of civil liberties in the name of the war. Curious how ineptitude on the top always means more repression for those of us on the bottom. Because that is what it is. Government wasn’t inteligent enough to predict an assault on american soil let alone have good old fashion common sense to stop the attack. Huge amounts of money are funneled to countless of agencies in that country whose budget is tallied in the trillions. Yet the best those agencies can do is spy on their own. All that technology to self-destruct the very fabric that made us who we are. They are unable to infiltrate the Other when it matters.

By this am not saying that those agencies haven’t done good nor am I calling for the scrapping of those agencies, by far. What I am saying is that because those agencies failed once, the collective is being punished. Not because the collective was not prepared nor because ‘we were to liberal’ in admitting the Other into our midst but because the agencies were to busy being cocky thinking that they know everything. They don’t. So they repress and America stands idle giving more power to government to repress the american population even more. The picture isn’t pretty. The criminals aren’t in American soil, they are beyond the Potomac.

The fact of the matter is that the American people have been suckered. Worst yet they have crooks in power whose only interest is making money without the meddling of anyone. Capitalismo salvaje. The people are in the way so the neocons constructed themselves a road where only they can traverse.

Bush and Co. learned well. It is a single handed coup from a familiy that knows the ropes well. Governance is a skill. They just happen to be the bad guys and even if they are wont to appear all american they are only so because they know in their innermost guts that the question that matters is not the outside but the inside that matters.

Bouyed by Tejano Insider I went ahead and read this story were as I read I stumbled upon this word: comeuppance. Always being upanted by my curiosity I headed deep into the entrañas of the internet and quickly asked Merriem Webster what’s up with that word. They had this to say, yet it seems the meaning differs widely across the lexicographers web because word reference has this to say. One would think its use somewhat obscure yet the opposite is quite the contrary. Google gave less than a thousand hits shy og 600 thousand ones. So, where does this word come from? Etymology is sketchy with Merriem-Webster offering little clues.

Ok, a little fantasy here. I am just going to imagine that a few of you out there just might have had a go at the contact form. Alas! the form isn’t working. I tried it myself and zip, zilch, nada. Sorry for the waste of time.

For a nice recap of mexican history in California I suggest to take a read at this …

The premise that the Akaka Bill would open the doorway to Mexican claims for establishing the nation of Aztlan engendered a huge and unforeseen response. As would be expected there were supporters and detractors to the idea. Based upon the content of the responses a number of issues should probably be clarified.

First is the actual Akaka Bill itself. It strictly defines who qualifies to be considered “native Hawaiian” and whether or not a person will be included on the “roll” of those eligible for that status. The wording of the bill makes the nature of that eligibility abundantly clear.

According to Oppenheimer Rice committed a major faux paux. Well, least to say I missed yet nunca es tarde to delight in those little things that jar that ajarred door in relations between anglos and latinos in the USA.

Lo único que pasará a la historia de la reciente asamblea de la Organización de Estados Americanos en Florida no tiene nada que ver con lo que se discutió en la reunión, sino que será lo dicho por la secretaria de Estado de Estados Unidos, Condoleezza Rice, cuando se excusó por tener que irse antes de tiempo: “Tengo que regresarme a Estados Unidos”, explicó.

Condoleezza se aprestaba a viajar de Florida a Washington. Cuando se bajó del podio y algunos diplomáticos latinoamericanos le recordaron con sorna que Fort Lauderdale —la ciudad donde se estaba realizando la reunión— y la vecina Miami todavían están en Estados Unidos, Rice levantó las cejas y se rió con ellos, según me contaron más tarde dos diplomáticos latinoamericanos testigos de la escena.

If Condi did indeed say that it would be an oddly rare display of discomfort, like being at a house of relatives where you don’t really want to be at.

In essence and a quick translation, what the passage says is that Condoleezza Rice said during the OAS meeting in Fort Lauderdale that she was headed to the US, a quip that some diplomats didn’t let her slip so easy and sarcastically reminded her that she was already in the US. Hmmm, one wonders if this will be picked up elsewhere, this is hilarious.

What I like about Sandra Dionisi’s painting is that it both reflects a snake and a scorpion at the same time in her work.

Que viva la reconquista!

The victories came as Congress, in party-line votes in both chambers, approved a $14 trillion budget resolution for 2006.

Jejeje, pardon me, BUT HOW THE HELL does a nation with that kind of budget still have homeless people and children going hungry?

First world? My ass!

Ok, am slowly but surely regaining my confidence again on this site, what I will most likely do is keep this crap at a mininum, the blogging part, not my writing, jesus, it feels as if I should be writing about other stuff and not the trauma this crappy tech stuff is causing on my badly guilt ridden conciencia. Anyhow’s, thank you all for the great messages and support I’ve received via email or comments. I feel I belong, hug time! So yeah. I fixed the template and perhaps I will be able to move along rather soon, like I said this crappo stuff just left me unwilling to do other thinking besides the aforementioned.

So I will keep just the english blog on its own site. Spanish and Swedish will just have to live it out somewhere else.

It’s crazy I tell you. However am the one to blame for the fine mess am in, el gordo y el flaco comes to mind. The thing is that am a very curious person and I delve into my curiosity like a clavadista in Acapulco, head on. So, hopefully in another few more posts I will get back to the office of Yonder Lies It. I heard Geronimo was peeking at the windows of the virtual premises were we lodge our rants and other stuff. He’s a great one, though a bit too quite for my taste. I think I missed out on the great reception Corky Gonzales received on the hall of Chicano fame en el más allá, though am a tad worried with the passing of so many Chicano leaders over here at this life, we are left leaderless yet in Aztlán heaven there is nothing but celebration.

Every incarnation we have had, pachucos, chicanos, pochos and other manifestations of our gente we have had many great leaders and there is yet for the Xicano manifestation to appear in its carnal version, who will take the Xicano banner?

Right now we are dealing with many issues and the splittering of our ens just keeps expanding to unknown dimensions yeet we remain.

To all my readers thank you for stopping by, as soon as I get my act straight I will come back again with my rantings. Right now I have been going through a bad streak of bad luck, am “salao which is the worst kind of bad luck” as the narrator says in The Old Man and The Sea.

My site has been bombarded day in and day out with spam which seriously took the fun out of blogging in english. I changed and rechanged and then changed again templates and blog programs to no avail spam just came back all the time.

The current template sucks.

So I am unable to write in english because the surmounting work ahead just isn’t too appealing. I hate erasing spam.

So, I will come back again soon, there’s loads to talk about and God only knows that I would have done something about the Corky Gonzales passing, he so happened to pass away just when my site got taken offline due to bandwidth problems.

So yeah, gracias por todo. I will probably open something else at blogger and just remain there for the rest of my natural writing existence. This whole crap about owning a site just left nothing but a bad flavor in my mouth.

I haven’t the slightest idea who came up with such a catchy name but let me tell you, it ain’t good. It is supposed to resonate in the mind of the gringo and it probably will.

I can imagine some republican speech writer coming up with it in some smokey republican board room saying it in a very zealous and outloud voice ” I know! Let’s call them Barrio Warriors!

The fact is it also smacks of some FBI or Home Guard sting to root out potential Aztlan fervents outthere who might be ready to pull a Reies Lopez Tijerina on the Southwest.

Hopefully it will just stay as a dirty campaign trick from the part of Republicans, wait Julio, you’re not making any sense now, Oh yeah, I do have some readers don’t I? Sorry about that.

It turns out that while minding my own Xicano business and pleasantly enjoying a nice Sunday morning here in Sweden, all while enjoying as well that fine fine internet Aztlan newspaper of Califas, La Prensa-San Diego, with a cup of coffee, like any good hearted citizen of Aztlan would, I read the Xicano spiritual voice of Tezozomoc.

It nearly yanked my quetzal colored eyes out of my sockets.

It turns out that the dirty campaigners of the Republican party are getting help from the Schwarzenegger campaign staff. Remember how they used the Raza word to decry our culture habits as racist? Well the Republicans are sending little chain letters to each other stating the following:

Democratic Presidential Candidate Senator Edward Kerry and his wife, Maria Teresa Thiersten Simoes-Ferreira Heinz Kerry are supporting the “Barrio Warriors” a supposable radical Hispanic group whose primary goal is to return all of Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Texas to Mexico!

So I did a little googling and put the words Barrio Warriors in the search field; heck, the pachyderms are at it again. It looks like a little anthill of comments all whispering and telling each other about how Teresa funds Barrio Warriors. Just the thought that anyone in the R camp is buying this makes my faith in Republican intelligence somewhere there I last had my faith on the Christian God, next to zilch. If that’s what they do to their own ….

Want to read more about it? You do the googling, it’ll come up, I promise you.

One of the things that bothers me about the treatment, from this distant distance in Sweden, and the conditions surrounding the Maya in Chiapas is how little heed the government gives them. All over the western world governments are caving in to the demands, rightful and long over due, of their native inhabitants. In Mexico this seems to be not happening. Surely there are many people in Mexico that have benefited from government however there are a few disenchanted members who argue, quite rightfully, that they are being pushed to abandon their customs and ways in order to receive said benefits. One sees a dark hand at work here and surely enough conservative voices opine that the indigenous forms of living are incompatible with the current vision of living ways. For the most part indigenous societies are collective, a tradition that goes way back than the more individualistic capitalist oriented vision of our days.

Whats more, indigenous societies are by far few and inbetween, so I quite frankly don’t understand why does the government insist in pushing these people to accept a newer form of living than the one they’d lived for centuries. What does Washington fear? Why this aberrant insistence on dominion, a shackle we don’t seem to rid ourselves from? Why does this vicious and ugly nature have to come to the surface of government when government is to reflect goodness, shouldn’t this dark emotion be held in check? Yet the insistence of some members of the Mexican congress to deny all rights to its indigenous population, the right to govern themselves is seen as a threat to the social fabric of our culture. Why? Because they want to live the way they’ve done so for thousands of years.

I for one agree with the indigenous people of Chiapas and their demand that they be ruled according to their customs. They should have more autonomy than they have now and their thinking about life should be allowed to develop. However, I believe there is a deeper fear here than one can imagine. The kurdish folk come to mind. I believe that Mexico fears a sort of development that the government in Turkey fears with its kurdish population and a persistent belief in a kurdish state of their own. Does Maya writing call for a return to a state of their own? I wonder since maya thought is not widely distributed and hence what little we know has mostly come out expressed by the EZLN, yet there most be outside thought besides that one. I wonder how these dreams and longings are expressed indeed.

Guatemala is a good case in point, there, the civil war engaged in a blatant carnage against the indigenous people financed and fought by Pentagon planners. Thinking and wanting is a dangerous practice indeed, and what would seem baffling to us, oh, let us say the fact that most of the indigenous people refuse to partake in such institutionalized practices that any citizen or active member of society takes for granted such as registering you child, or registering to vote are indeed a sort of message to government which refuses to understand its own subjects if you will. Is government by the people for the people at work here then? Whose interest are then government protecting here? Even if its citizens refuse to vote government has an obligation to its citizens of all persuasions. Government is government regardless if it has voter legitimacy or not because government will rule with or without said legitimacy. Why does then government refuse to listen to the indigenous population in Mexico? It doesn’t seem to mind the money that it collects from tourism which is connected to indigenous practices, never mind giving back a little that it collects back the community.

All in all there isn’t a case for not listening to Chiapas inhabitants and their demands, so why the deaf ear? Government has failed to address the needs of the people there and furthermore it is on the verge of acting unconstitutionally and violating its own law, never mind that art.39 has not been heeded for fear of setting a precedent but I believe that government should indicate a more willingness than it has shown so far. It should see eye to eye with the leaders of said communities and partake more and more in the lives of all mexicans in general.

The relation between me and the arts has been quite diffuse at best. I like to go to museums which tend to house large numbers of paintings because I admire painters and curiously enough I’ve been to several cemeteries and seen some tombs of quite a number of famous writers. History then is a big part of this acculturation process that seems to be an integral part of my life. In my head, a number of writers have significantly influenced me while others I just like them because of their lifestyles and their convictions which have moved me; painters on the other hand have moved me by the motives they’ve chosen to depict and curiously they seem to express their political motivations in them, a few of them have even written about it such as Salvador Dali’s Dali by Dali originally given out in French and in very quixotic terms and thoughts that house contradictions, a trait I seem to be very fond of lately.

Although some paintings are well renowned for their active and forceful depicting of gross human affairs, like Picasso’s Guernica, other ones, mostly Germans, do it through a curious way that interpretation is done almost exclusively for and by academic circles. Paul Klee’s Revolution des viaduktes is the most recent example I have in mind. This type of protest is subversive at best, hidden and difficult to manifest itself in the public eye. This sort of art leaves one wondering about the belief some painters have regarding the interpretations the unconscious has on the rest of the self which consciously reacts to what the unconscious digests in secret. Yet as I recall my infancy, during my elementary school years in Tijuana, in the Alba Roja school by Third Street now a school long gone and replaced by some ugly modern contraption I remember seeing a deer with a human head in my first grade classroom, years later, when I had become acquainted with some of my own culture’s treasures, I realized that what my child’s eyes had seen was Frida Khalo’s el Peque?o Venado (1946) am almost dead certain that it attracted me because to a child a deer with a human head would most indeed catch ones attention, specially one that has been pierced with 9 arrows.

Paintings however are a new sort of inculcation for me, what really got my brain wondering about the importance of culture has been literature and the ‘classics‘. I wonder where did this admiration for famous books got started. Did it start by reading comic books? Did it start in school, elementary? How did this avid interest increase, did I became enthralled by what I read and by what others said about said books? No doubt there was an interest awaken when somebody else highlighted the importance of those works of letters. I fear, however, that social status had also a hand in this …

My interest for the classics arose most certainly due to an influence a friend of mine placed on me. His name is José and he used to hang out at a bookstore that sold second hand comic series and other cheap novels that folk in México tend to wharf down like hot salsa tacos after painting the town red. In the store that housed series after series of all kinds of Revistas as they are called, and where folk have a stop in their routine chores like buying milk and other stuff, he sat (or stood) there and read for free the used and very much reread purple novellettes. Inevitably, as I spent more time with my best friend I came to hang out there too. It must’ve of been through conversations were the ego is mostly exposed to such showmanships that I was impressed about the knowledge that it was necessary to have in order to have a good conversation or at the very least sound interesting to others. An ear being the most important object in peoples lives, I wasn’t about to let myself go unsurpassed, I wanted attention too, surely, I guess, that’s how it all started.

He used to smoke pot like a motherfucker, all the time and loved metal, that boy had cassette after cassette of metal from all kinds of bands from all over the world. He was a head banger if that term still exist. Somehow he used to maintain his cool which used to bring bouts of jealousy from my part, I wanted to be like him, off course, I wasn’t. He had everything: money, no work, just fun and play. He was good at math and came from Bolivia, he was a Chinese of sorts and spoke Spanish, if you took a good look you couldn’t figure him out for Bolivian, gringos from Redwood City wouldn’t make him out for a Latin American, no way in hell they figured that out, fucking gringos they can’t see the world in more than black and white, for all their color naming they are actually color blind when it comes to Latin Americans, for that matter I’m too, but once you see’em hanging out with the Hispanic crowd then you know he’s gotta speak Spanish, besides, there’s this vibe all Hispanics feel when one of theirs is around, so it didn’t fail to turn up in my radar once I spotted him. So I used to go his house ‘cause of this Spaniard from Basque country that bought himself American citizenship with false papers once an amnesty for illegal immigrants kicked in 1988. He claimed to have worked in the fields, picking tomatoes or what not, stuff gringos don’t usually do. The now defunct INS bought it, it only costed him 500 bucks, he had bought the letters from a crooked farming business that made tons selling letters ascertaining that said person worked there then and then, motherfucking Spaniard, never seen a field in his life, that’s all, two years later he was a full blooded American Citizen, anyways, I knew him that way, he was a roommate of the Spaniard. There are only two things I remember about him, he used to brag that he didn’t know where or how his parents earned their money and perhaps the most revealing part he left me, he said once to me: how can you explain the color orange to a blind person, describe it then!

I was impressed …

Recently, that is, fairly recently, Iraki war II, does anybody remember that? the media got embedded we were told, so as to inform us, the public-o about the action involving said parties …. Yeah, right, the issue of self-censorship arose. Later, as things of this nature are want to, we, that is, those of us enough interested in it anyhow … were told that in order to curry favor, some reporters in the White House were willing to touch up their stories and go the way of the West Wing. Nothing surprising there except that the media is probably so self aware that nobody else ’bout a few info yunkies like yours truly here pay attention to those real life truths ….Meta awarenesss of ones market.

Anyhow, it strikes me then that this phenomena extends itself to gazilian other burues (how do you spell that word??? to lazy to loo it up …) might just, I say, might just, but most likely do follow a secret style manual that governments give out, albeit spoonwise, to inform those news bureaus of how they would like to see their words in print …breach that style manual and well, you can see what kinds of reprimands and punishments are at hand.

kiss goodbye freedom of speech, to make your own conclusions and all that nice stuff that democracies are supposed to promote. Access then is limited to a handful few who go by the book …

In other words, by the time we get any news at hand it’s already tinged with government propaganda, remember, whatever the big media thinks, their reporters have to abide by the style manual that those media concerns have which in turn have been influenced by government perks for access to the powers to be … (I can just hear it: choose your words carefully or here are a list of words we prefer to see in print when describing such and such …) nada pendejos los bueyes ….

Cui bono??

I developed a theory about a liaison between the Fifth Column and Government worldwide. I stated in many words what am about to say in less then fifty five: Media and Government engage in a horse trade of words so as to make it palatable both for the government and the public, the media then is out for perks and government out to polish its image thorugh careful selection of words and those that come out and wants to see in print.

How, one might just wonder, is this possible? Well, allow me to put forth a question: have you ever felt gratified that Word Perfect and other types of software that aid in the documentation business, help you in your spelling?

Now imagine this, the media concern, whichever for this purpose, orders a software application for its company, the media concern orders it tailored made, the corrector mechanism is to have its style manual as the correcting alternative.

So the reporter is already being corrupted in its choice of words, he/she are not allowed to choose as the unconscious self is want to do, those words that come right out of their live experience, no, they are already being tainted and censored by the very same software that supposedly aids you in correcting your possible spelling mistakes.

Cui Bono?

Recently, we were told that the USA has decided to stop the importation of tuna fish, later we find out that certain companies don’t get awarded this or that contract in punishment of the pre-Irak behavior and for ‘letting down’ the USA.

One of the most disgusting behaviors seen during the pre-war days was the wholesale of the American way of life, we started to bribe countries and the one country most known for corruption didn’t even buy it: México.

Since when, the USA, the beacon of high moral values for the worthy cause of the Pursuit of Happiness is in the business of selling its soul to the devil to accomplish its aims?

Isn’t it so that the very detractors of America saw clay feet? and that’s why they attack the culture we all love? Do we, the culture we built up, have clay feet?

Am beginning to think that maybe, it isn’t the feet, but that hyadra called the bureaucracy …

The USA has no credibility left in the world, in choosing the path of superior strength it has squandered the remaining moral status it had after WWII. Thanks of course to George W Bush who is by far the leading right wing hawk of the world and its fascist allies. I don’t even know how he can even call himself a Christian, his thwarted sense of moral duty is equal to the debts he has, give to Cesar what is rightfully to Cesar said the Lord and that’s what George W is doing ….

I say this because Powell and the rest of the pro-Irak war mongers are touring the world in search of compromise and as the fifth column says, to mends fences. Yet that is but far in the agenda of Bush W, he is already gearing up for the 2004 election and the demeaning is already started for Mexicans living in the USA, we are going to be pitted against our own blood and as usual we are to squabble with a few coconuts. Nonetheless I don’t know what Rumsfeldt and Co.really want , they’re old and they can’t really enjoy more power than they already have, who are the heirs of said empires? Because this is exactly what we are staring at from now on, the building of the first worldwide American empire, Bush W, declared that the war is over, yeah, so what the hell are we still doing in Irak then? We are beginning to colonize the world, because a few in the military Industrial Complex can’t conceive a better way to build things that don’t require oil, that’s why.

Things to do tomorrow: Stop believing in the USA

I firmly believe that the bible is the devil’s prima facie work

I believe in the USA and its constitution.

It has helped many people and probably will continue to do so.

But right now there is a group of people who have hijacked this ideal and turned it into a venture for their own enterprises.

This sector is bound to foster conflict because they are in the business of conflict and their enterprise is conflict. They manufacture products for the use in conflicts.

What will happen in Irak is that the USA will ‘manage conflict’ I got this idea from years of following the Palestine uprising against the nation of Israel to assert its right to existence. This is another rightful and moral idea that has been hijacked by businesses that have for business the manufacture of products for use in conflicts.

Unfortunately the USA cannot do without this sector since it brings in much needed revenue to sustain its mammoth government.

The influence of this interest group has been going on since the Reagen years. The Right, and its fascist allies, are giving the constitution a false interpretation in as much as radical fundamentalists are giving the Koran a false interpretation or The Zionist menace twisting the Talmud to their own gain.

I believe also that it is unhealthy that there is no real opposition within the USA to withstand the onslaught of radical patriotism which is now embroiling the USA.

We must, for the good of the USA, show opposition to the USA so that it see that they can’t do willy nilly as it pleases.

The recent war, (? : a silly joke in as much Israel is at war with Palestine. How can a superior power be at war with a much more weakling state such as Palestine and Irak?) while I applaud the so-called liberation of its people, it worries me as well since patriotism and business have now colluded with that mysterious faction called the Military Industrial Complex.

However, one mustn’t undervalue this kind of intervention which really was a ‘nicer’ model of destruction in that even Washington felt the pressure of the international community.

The Bush term is to be seen as a fiasco in liaison with big business and however moral and preachy and evangelical this man is he is unhealthy for the future of the USA.

Fiction is the idea that we must invent worlds and that we must somehow demonstrate, for the sheer purpose of the readers sake, a sort of description without giving too much of what is being told. The idea is to allow for the reader to make up its mind of what he or she is reading, in other words, I must leave the facts to stand on their own and that somehow my opinion shouldn’t butt between the reader and what I am writing. This is otherwise known as the Show don’t Tell technique used in most Creative Writing courses. A difficult task indeed because we are more prone to telling than showing. Indeed, one can even argue that at any given moment our culture inculcates didacticism as well. So it reflects very well in what we write hence those of us ambitious enough to embark in the mammoth enterprise of improving our writing skills often end up with our egos bruised and a healthy dose of reality check down our throats. If it so happens that the teacher in question doesn’t have a hidden agenda you’ll get all the support that a teacher really ought to give his or her students and with any luck the above mentioned technique will do wonders to the writing world or at the very least improve your everyday letter writing.

And if the teacher has a hidden agenda, your lucky if you end up at your local therapist couch, such is the nature of writing were words can be daggers sharp enough to cut through the thick muck that we call the world.

Fiction offers unlimited possibilities for the writer at hand who has something vital to say, indeed, for those of us who enjoy a good story, we are more than glad that such people exist, but we must also we willing to admit that the call for the quill and the ink has its own ilk.

I don’t know if it has been done before but since I certainly haven’t seen it done in the English language am giving it a shot. Although I must confess that it worries me that it has been done before. I frankly don’t know and am doing it, if and only, for the sheer purpose of writing practice because I certainly don’t consider myself, by a long shot, anything but an apprentice of the craft. I am referring to a short sort-of experiment that I am developing and that has been shown here in this blog [Yonder lies it Thursday, April 03, 2003]. It is what I like to say, to borrow a well known concept within the painting arts, a triptych. The idea is to present a three character story and a scene whereby the three characters meet. The end or results or consequences would then have to be figured out by the reader. I got the idea from a film by mexican director Alejandro González Iñarritu called Amores Perros, translated loosely as “Love’s a Bitch“. (quotation from preceding link) I believe it presents many possibilities for mental entertainment. Anyways, I hope it turns out well.

Have you ever had a glass of clean, fresh, pure mountain water run your throat all the way, cascading down your ribs? At times the Nordic winds give the same feeling except that these gusts are cool and cold in a caressing manner. The spring heat is enough for the body to feel grateful at this gesture of nature. I personally like it when it’s cloudy and the outside airs are brisk, strong enough to lift my jacket, embrace me and make me feel its chill. It seems as if it wants to push me to the ground and play, jostle, laugh together with my life. I smile and feel tickled as that is the most I am willing to give back.

I love to see last autumn leaves being raked by these winds, rushing past me, cleaning my yard of debri while tending my tulips. The branches in my trees are cleared from old and brittle ones that didn’t make it through the winter, such is nature. People indoors prefer a nice warm chimney but I stay outside trying to keep my scarf in place to no avail, it blows too playfully, though it doesn’t bother me one bit. I have often realized that once inside I am only reminded of its presence outside since my house creaks and sways at the rhythm of the currents. The sun plays too as it likes a hide and seek game which as the light grows stronger you vaguely hear through the swish a peek-a-boo.

Being trilingual has caused interesting activities in my brain.

Although I’ve never had any problems with Spanish and English sharing the same mass of grey matter, it seems that English and Swedish are just being too concomitant with each other, like lost cousins they intermingle. They’ve cozied up too much producing a dissonance in my phonological sphere. Words just sound too familiar with one another and what I think is right and makes perfectly good grammatical sense turns to be later a hybrid of sorts, specially in the preposition (a closed area) areas. I am glad that I have a high metalinguistic awareness, because I hate to go through life speaking Spanwednglish.

For example, yesterday I confused until with unto, (the Swedish negation word inte, could it also be somehow involved here?). The discrepancy in sound is very limited although I would assume that monolinguals would have no problems in identifying this word no pro. However, and not to digress but to expound, there is also a possible phonetic sway. The dark l, I’m gringo American, easily can be confused by what phoneticians call a minimal pair with the sound of the vowel o. Until – unto [inte ?]. Just a small difference, nonetheless, It troubles me to make this discovery in my head.

Further commenting on this issue shall be duly noted. It must happen when am the most taxed, hence, the reason mornings are best for me.

It’s ridiculous. Watching the war on the news in so many possible channels with so many perspectives. All the same, in English. Tone varies though if you suddenly choose other languages, but the truth is that the only ones having a ball here are the capitalists. Markets are soaring. They seem happier, yet we lesser beings, left with qualms, are made to partake in this carnage through propaganda filters and newspeak. We fear.

I heard some US lawmakers are finally questioning the patriotism that led to this assault. A little too late; I suppose they didn’t want to be seen less democratic than the Brits. The question is then, what am I doing to lessen this war, this life pilfering? I can refuse to purchase American objects in as much as I refused to buy French wine because they conducted nuclear testing in spite of world protest. This war also means the death of the belief that by boycott we damage through economic means others. Globalisation is so deeply rooted that if I were to boycott American products I’d only be hurting or threatening jobs here in this country.

What to do?

Refuse to believe. I will no longer believe in the idea that America is the beacon of light and freedom it purported to be. The foundations upon which this so called democratic country has been laid stand now to rot. Power, raw power, has taken over the ideal of a true free world. What good does it do to live in a free country when patriots take over and start to persecute those with different ideas? We have all heard how in the name of National Interest people are persecuted for having a difference of opinion, this in the USA. The American Dream is in its last phase. People there, my kin, have become agnostics. It isn’t a regime change we are witnessing, it is a dream change. Who will carry the dream of equality in the next thousand years? Who will dare live in a world of peace whereby humanity can live in real peace, real development? Capitalism is thriving, just about the only ones. The USA has allied itself with the very same forces it purports to abhor.

If the US has set on a course to free the Iraqi people who is to free us from the black and white patriotism of the US?

It’s just a question…

Went out for a stroll and decided to take a book with me, so I took David Lodge along. I started reading Consciousness and the Novel (2002) in the beginning of the term. I found it in the New Books section of Stockholm’s Library. Of eleven essays, two I totally skipped, of which the remaining 9 others were succulent pieces. He definitely treats the subject well, that is, how consciousness exists in novel characters.

He has an eye for criticism, for example, I was very much amused and amazed at a critique he made regarding an essay on E M Forsters novel Howards End, titled Forster’s Flawed Masterpiece. He says: “Some of the purple passages towards the end of the novel sound like George Meredith on a bad day …” I mean, to make that kind of critique you really must be well versed in literature. And he sure sounds like he is. He is one of those novelists that also side job as scholars, like Richard Holmes. He has good, delicious essays on Evelyn Waugh, Kierkegaard, a nice discourse on Philip Roth’s geriatric sexual habits. A topic I only seen touched on by a Swedish writer, Theodor Kallifatides in Seven Hours in Paradaise ( De sju timmarna i paradiset ). Dickens came along as well, and this essay covered mostly things of a nearly biographical nature. Although very informative stuff about his sexual life and the near lack of consciousness in of some Dickens characters.

In 1988 I came across a sort of music that to me was new but which by then it was already old. The genre was Industrial Yet those who made that motley crue bickered over semantics. I came to it as industrial and therefore it stuck to me as industrial music. I remember I went to the record chainstore Tower Records in San Mateo CA. Maybe it still there, and I bought a cassette, Skinny Puppy, at the then exorbitant price of $10.99 US bucks. A song called VX Gas Attack brough to my atention Irak and the kurds. The song stood there, like a petrified tree. In the tape, or Mp3 if you can find one, [the computer age isn't that advanced to link to mp3's yet] you can hear the voice of N.OGRE tell of these accounts. Then, I felt with that ‘we’ which decried how impassive the government was at the attrocities Irak committed.

Thursday 13 mars 2003

I sit in the kitchen, drinking french wine, eating avocados, tomatos, some ICA fish sticks (they’re cheaper) and Findus Broccoli Mexicana (500 g), I heated some flour tortillas and brought out my chipotle sauce. I spread out Dagens Nyheter and a translated essay calls my attention. A certain Micheal Walzer waltzes into my life. He says: No to war, Yes to Saddam, it isn’t too late for a peaceful solution. However, those who will hinder war must also be ready to pay the price for peace.

Hence the Skinny Puppy anecdote.

Little wonder democratic governments are schizophrenic.

Since last monday Jean Paul Marat has been in my head. In particular the painting Jaque Louis David did of him titled Marat Assasiné . I first came across him through a book by Peter Weiss that I must of surely found in a second hand bookshop back in the states. I must of liked the cover, it had the painting mentioned above, and then became enthralled by it because I do remember that I read it right away. The title of the book? The Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat as Performed by the Inmates of the Asylum of Charenton under the Direction of the Marquis de Sade– more commonly known as Marat/Sade. ( More pictures ) I loved it and ever since there there are two quotes which have lasted within ever since:

Act one, Conversation Concerning Life and Death:

Marat: The important thing
is to pull yourself up by your own hair
to turn yourself inside out
and see the whole world with fresh eyes.


Act one, Continuation of the Conversation between Marat and Sade:

Marat: I never believed the pen alone
could destroy institutions.

Well, that’s what has been haunting me since last monday.

Running Bit Mark Amerika

“… I sort of decided to let quality take care of itself – because how do you decide on the quality of something you don’t understand? …”

– Ronald Sukenick

This is the kind of conciousness in a text that I would like to explore more, mainly, the altercation between ego and superego.

During the high moon season, the beaches are empty, and for once, the stretch of water belongs to the natives. It is at these times that Horuniku takes strolls along the edges of the sand where the waves of the sea are thrown ashore. The feeling is one of solitude yet he realizes that the ocean is a silent companion tonight. Leaving a track in the sand, his thoughts wonder to that fatal day when his life nearly took a turn for the worst. The place was his house, a little cottage on the top of the hill that his parents had built with their on hands. Horuniku had just turned 40, recently released from the hospital due to serious condition. He sat and shredded weed in preparations for the seaweed crackers. It was jsut at this time when Horuniku was beginning to feel that good tidings were on the way.

-Hey Horuniku-san!

-Konichiwa -Yukio, how’s the old farming business doing?

-Not as good as your health, I heard you overcame the cancer that struck your left rib.

-Indeed Yukio-san, I prayed hard to my Kami and the Gods have been most merciful.

-I pray indeed so Horuniku-san because today am afraid am a harbinger of bad news.

-I beg of you to please tell, these disturbing news.

-Well, you’re debts are in and my bosses are impatient, threatining to call the local yakuza to collect the money which was lent in good faith. They say that you posses a good piece of property and at todays market prices your house commands a good deal of money.

-This is indeed most distressing Yukio-san, my house is all I have! I am sure your good faith in me has dissuaded them from such thinking.

-I did what I could, but interest are to no avail now, and the investment demands profit now, I am sure Horuniku-san understands.

-Most indeed Yukio-san, please forward your bosses that in a fortnight full payment will be rendered, I recently opened a business, a seaweed cookie bakery which proves popular.

-Very well Horuniku-san, but I can no longer hold them after this.

-You are a good friend Yukio-san may Amaterasu Omikami guide your path.

Two years have passed since then, and he still shivers at the tattos he saw on the men who went to collect on the 14th day. No words were uttered, and yet, he could breath in peace. The moon shone clearly, casting a pale silver color on his tanned skin. Horuniku picked up a stone and threw at the open sea, the swift sling produced a breeze that gave him a comfort, a feeling that at last he was free.

The limousine approached us in cover of darkness and as I opened the doors, I saw that Victor was already seated next to Senator Foxtrite. We had planned to smuggle ourselves out of the country by these means, it meant a good deal of cash, but well worth it. My earlier suspicions dissipated as the blue license plates became visible as the car approached us. Opening the door was like entering a new life and closing them akin to shutting out the terrible mares we went through to get here. When the limo drove to the border, the customary wave to go ahead was given. No sane soldier would dare detain this car. It would mean an international outcry of sorts. Imagine, detaining the limousine of the first superpower! So as we saw the lights grow dimmer and dimmer, Senator Foxtrite became anxious. “Where’s the Intel?” He asked. We both looked at him, and showed him that the info had been surgically implanted in Victors left side arm, for security reasons, near the veins. The Senator didn’t flinch, he made a few phone calls, and before we knew it Victor was under the knife to remove the Intel. “You’ve done a great service to the country boys!” He exclaimed. Later on, as the news hit the airwaves, we saw the consequences of the intel, we caused the invasion of Astonia.

The scar the operation left in Victor’s left arm was still visibly to this day, and as we sat drinking our whiskies, he asked me “so what of you’ve been doing lately?” I didn’t have the heart to tell him the many covert ops I had been sent to ever since our last op and him being discovered as a double agent. I knew how much he strove after action. I looked at him and said “not much, I spent yesterday eating chocolate and drinking whiskey all day, you though?” He stared, for a second, guessing by my appearance that I was most likely lying. Remaining silent he continued watching the tv, cracking peanuts between his fingers, a sign we in the business use to pretend we are locals when in reality we are about to infiltrate.

Today brings new life
Our dying self expires
We kiss goodbye forever
A new self arrives

Thinking we them rid
Hid indeed they did
For habits remain insistingly
Or we but mourn?

No more to be (sayeth we)
Yet ghosts linger on
Possesing our newfound selves
Ensuing us into battle

Our memories bristly live
Failing farewell bid them
Old remains reminding us
To bury our intentions

The resemblence was unique, it couldn’t of been otherwise. The beauty surpassed everything I have seen. It was what the greeks call kheir and our atom scientists chiral two of the same, in essence, and this was chirality. I took one good look and I was dead ceartin this was the One. In my life I’ have been waiting for this unconciously, here it is, at last! It came as transperant as daylight, I saw with my soul’s eye her illuminating aura; although some rather wait for rainbows to see what’s in the light. What is it about a person outer looks that allow for inner, closer introspection? It’s right there, and no matter what this encounter is, its always marked by the rapture that the presence manages to perform on another soul. In the mythology of the ancient budhas it is said that reincarnation brings back the soul in several life cycles. My former lover perhaps? The attraction is inescapable, I am drawn to this human being. What is curious about this event is how not my blood burns but something yet deeper than that, it tingles beneath all forms of carnal sensory to the point of some sort of minor spiritual attraction with all the sensuality attached to it. I observe, become observed, we recognize our souls and at once we know who we are, we don’t introduce ourselves, we talk as if our conversation had been merely cut off yesterday or an hour ago. I see through and at once I am at ease. The sun sets down, the shops close, and the last customer leaves and time goes by, we remain, star spangled in the circle of life.