– No. final, that’s it, I won’t accept any other outcome.
– Am afraid things have changed.
– You were told exactly how the outcome was to be accomplished.
– Certain unexpected events arose during the execution of the command.
– Were there any non-friendlies around?
– Those that were were properly dealt with.
– Good.

The office of the 78th floor on 4th street was ample, the carpets white and as Victor rose from his leather chair behind his mahogany desk, he lit a Cuban cigar. His face became bright with the flames of the cigarette lighter and casted whirling shadows as he lifted his eyes to meet those of his worker. His workers were used to this ceremonious walk and remained still as Victor proceeded to walk around his employee. From behind his employee’s back, he let out cigar smoke, puffing very loud and clear, much like a tiger would growl encirculating his prey before the kill.

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