Chicano Thoughts

I have recently come to the awareness that the rainbow coalition, not to be confused with the failed Jesse Jackson presidential bid of the 90’s, is a hoax to smears us down.

Allow me to expand.

Colors are barrierless. If we keep to our current notions regarding colors, we in society shall always be that which we have decided to be. We are Brown and Proud. That’s our motto. When we accept our color, you see, we accept our place in society. Yet we demand equal treatment and aspire to be at the same level that whites are. It isn’t strange then that there are steps in Crayola boxes. Yet brown can never, in a lifetime, be white, nor red nor yellow. Brown is brown. Brown doesn’t puts us in the color charts of our society and identify us more Americans, than say, reds.

This comes to mind the huge African influx México had in its colonial past and that now Bobby Vaughn is trying to chart. Nobody knows what happened to this influx but theories indicate that because of the caste systems back then in place they thinned out their blood by interracially mixing in order to step up the ladder. That’s why we Mexicans always look for african features in our kids when they are born. ¡Qué blanquito salio! is the most joyful thing you can hear when a baby is born amongst us.

This process that our africanmexican brothers tried seems a little too long and besides, I like my permanent tan that whites so desperately try to get even at the risk of cancer. What to do? Simple, we can strive to come to the upper echelons by our own or other means. By who we are. The color ladder only offers a step at a time in a lifetime. We don’t have a lifetime. Nor is it guaranteed that by toning down our skin we can get were whites are, simply put we must do away with the color caste system.

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