of Girlcotts, je, I mean boycotts and other media inspired thoughts

Ok, I moved some numbers on the css and the context box and sidebar box of my wp based blog and are now at different variables than before. I wanted to add the radioblog, check it out. It’s got a few swedish indy selections and other goodies that are given free on the net.

Right, so I downloaded the spanish versión of the Star Spangled anthem over at I love the Military Industrial Complex mexican newspaper El Universal. Go give it a listen.

First impresions, wuacatelas, not my pinche cup de manzanilla té ese. I suppose that some people might find something positive about it. Not this old school Xicano. The one that gives me the goose bumps is by far and large the english version. Some nutcrack ought to go ahead and do the Mexican anthem in english just to ruffle some feathers though if one is to trust what lies in the archives of the wiki link then touché!. Heck, if the Americans turned the Canadian flag upside down the only rightful thing to do to integrate even more our NAFTA loveable nations is to keep stepping on each others toes, man it’s getting crowded here!

Sí, sí, the boycott, blah, blah. Reminds one of the Wobbly army that wanted to take over Tijuana in 1911. And because the people of Reagen are seeing red all over the boicott since it will be held May 1st, an ominoius day if there ever was one in the States and in Califas as well, many are voicing their last Cold War caca at it. Unions are jumping at the event that will be and promises to be one of its kind since, well, the Woblies … Yet the steam is hot and some are calling it like it is:

Third: for real hardball -why has the Democratic party not sent out investigators to find firms run by Bush pioneers use which mostly illegals? (Hint: start with the meat packing industry.)

And over at Kos gang: May Day Nationwide Immigration Strike Heats Up

I come from a very conservative family myself and whenever that day appeared my uncle always murmured things the likes of if it is Workers Day the best thing you can do to celebrate it is by working. No arguing there, and I mean no arguing, jíjole I worked. I hear the same clamor over at the Tijuana blogsphere where some voices are tired over the hyped up event.

L.A Mayor and Xicano at large Antonio Villaraigosa has run-off to Texaztlán claiming business issues but everyone knows the burden of the ambivalence in the air has him under pressure. I mean come on. Bush as been against the boicott and now the catholic church has put their two narco-stained pesos on the latino mexicano protest. Talk about turning tides, one remembers well how Arnhold was very much against immigrants but now California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is suddenly pro-immigration and pro-marches and pro-boicott. Sheez, qué sabe Anhold que no sepa Villaraigosa?

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