the black of the pixel posing as a letter on your screen

Zulma Aguiar, another Chicana de la frontera, or so it seems: welcome to the fold, the more the merrier.

As we merrily recall, Geronimo, pops and I, she once left a message at the offices asking us to check out some grrrls at a flickr acount she has. Well, now we know she has a blog too.

De por cierto, El Pocho abogado is doing a good thing by propagating a website where students who walked out, in conjuction with the greatest American protests ever against any piece of legislation, can get legal advice and help due to their God given right to Civil Disobedience.

Me hacen proud mendigos, snif, chamacos condenados, ya hasta una lagrima me hicieron correr.

We all know how those George W. Bush sicko sycophant lackeys can get.

Ta-ta, es todo por hoy.

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