Opinion at last

Oh finally, the Kos gang has opined on the immigration protests back in Aztlán. I suppose they can’t be seen allowing the right wing machinary having a field day (more like a shark feeding frenzy) on the immigration protests without them putting their two cents on it, just to, you know, not to let it pass they hadn’t said anything on it.

Though the Kos gang seems to be seeing beyond the xenophobic right-wing smoke screen. They seem to be realizing that americans have a right to opine on matters of US national interest in whichever way they see fit to do it. After all waving a flag is a form of freedom of speech and americans do have a tradition of protesting through civil disobedience unjust laws.

It does not matter how they do it, regardless, they are americans, period. They are exercising their constitutional right to protest against legislation that might harm them.

Right wing nuts want to tell people how to be american in such an unamerican fashion that it is nearly facist. They only want one and only kind of americanism and that is blue eyed, blonde and white. Anything else is alien.

The right wing nuts will distract the message of the protest by focusing on the flags and the identities of mexicans. This tactic was used by Michelle Malkin to derail Bustamante’s aspirations to the California goverment house back in the old recall days of Ahnold S in 2003.

Wanna read what this craze looney, who sways opinion on national matters when immigration matters alight on the nation, has to say nowadays? Read on.

After that unhealthy dose of right wing propaganda go read Ed Brock’s Why ‘MEChA’ won’t conquer the Southwest, to regain conciousness again, sorry for the brutal blow to your retinas, but this is an immigration issue and one that divides, like all immigration debates ought to do in Aztlán.

Ah, yes, I know, you love to regurtitate more, here’s more for your over exercized brain, go on, click on it.

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