During the high moon season, the beaches are empty, and for once, the stretch of water belongs to the natives. It is at these times that Horuniku takes strolls along the edges of the sand where the waves of the sea are thrown ashore. The feeling is one of solitude yet he realizes that the ocean is a silent companion tonight. Leaving a track in the sand, his thoughts wonder to that fatal day when his life nearly took a turn for the worst. The place was his house, a little cottage on the top of the hill that his parents had built with their on hands. Horuniku had just turned 40, recently released from the hospital due to serious condition. He sat and shredded weed in preparations for the seaweed crackers. It was jsut at this time when Horuniku was beginning to feel that good tidings were on the way.

-Hey Horuniku-san!

-Konichiwa -Yukio, how’s the old farming business doing?

-Not as good as your health, I heard you overcame the cancer that struck your left rib.

-Indeed Yukio-san, I prayed hard to my Kami and the Gods have been most merciful.

-I pray indeed so Horuniku-san because today am afraid am a harbinger of bad news.

-I beg of you to please tell, these disturbing news.

-Well, you’re debts are in and my bosses are impatient, threatining to call the local yakuza to collect the money which was lent in good faith. They say that you posses a good piece of property and at todays market prices your house commands a good deal of money.

-This is indeed most distressing Yukio-san, my house is all I have! I am sure your good faith in me has dissuaded them from such thinking.

-I did what I could, but interest are to no avail now, and the investment demands profit now, I am sure Horuniku-san understands.

-Most indeed Yukio-san, please forward your bosses that in a fortnight full payment will be rendered, I recently opened a business, a seaweed cookie bakery which proves popular.

-Very well Horuniku-san, but I can no longer hold them after this.

-You are a good friend Yukio-san may Amaterasu Omikami guide your path.

Two years have passed since then, and he still shivers at the tattos he saw on the men who went to collect on the 14th day. No words were uttered, and yet, he could breath in peace. The moon shone clearly, casting a pale silver color on his tanned skin. Horuniku picked up a stone and threw at the open sea, the swift sling produced a breeze that gave him a comfort, a feeling that at last he was free.

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