Yahevs folk, sort of …

For some craze odd reason am fascinated by the Palestinian-Israel phenomena. Though am more seriously ravished emotionally by the Israeli side of the equation. These people are both antogonizing and fascinating to read about and to learn from for me. I am a proud virus carrying member of that disgusting and ugly sickness called Christian Ethics. Though deep down I give two rats for modern day Israelis. I think they are racists and that they are no better than South Africa’s old apartheid regime who are purposely and intently taking out their pent anger on a population that has no means of defending itself. All this because one, they have nuclear weapons and two they have allied themselves with the modern day Roman Empire. As you can see, I hate Likud’s actions. They are the worst and let us hope it is the worst Israelis has to show humanity.

Be that as it may, what I wanted to do was to recommend certain recent articles that Gene Expression has been churning out as of recently:

The Rebirth of Hebrew [just pay attention to the linguistic aspect and ignore the politics and you may just get something out of it]; Metzenberg on Jews; Medieval Jewish achievement [a rather interesting post that is suposed to, I suppose, inflate jewish ego?] and The history of the Jews…a very special people…sort of. Enjoy.

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