Frost descent 今天 · 霜降

今天 · 霜降

Frost scrapers noise invaded my realm as I tried to decipher what the early morning drew before my somnolent ears. Later That afternoon:
The air was icy fresh
The water cold as ice
The silentwind bore small Shiny white flakes borne out of the cold snap, nippy goosebumps
heightened the lush green which days before seemed but to rule the landscape
The 1st october snowflakes Are here afresh Like birds coming to nest
Slush reigns and chaos reaps havoc on the city’s railways
amok like the wind shuffles
the remaining leaves on the trees
resist to fall
yet a futile battle
to hang on rages
to dsitract
so as the caterpillar can sleep sound
on a bed of browm autumn leaves
until Spring arrives

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