inversed emotional auxesis

the enmity criss-crosses through different vessels
a badmouth masquerading in morality
lands with someone in power
It has achieved its first purpose
Now it can
take a stab, a jab, poison other souls

Its 2nd intent
would love to antagonize
my feelings
would love to influence my thoughts
invade my heart
control my impulses
eat my soul
I can feel the hate, the anger in the vengeance, and the thirst for insatiable pleasure in seeing wrongdoers suffer

I want to scream Am wronged! & exact just revenge

but I don’t

Reason and energy coupled with a desist motive to not hurt
disarm the onslaught of illwill
examine the wrong
choose not to act in haste
choose to allow higher powers to deal with the wrongdoings

nay, thou knowest them all
feeble souls
morally misguided
of a good fight

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