Competing languages

I feel comfortable to say am a trilingual. Having said that I can proceed with a phenomenon that I have experienced as a trilingual, newly at that if one wills.

I get stuck at times.

Allow me to expand. I suppose imagery ought to come handy in these sort of explanations.

Imagine three people trying to get through the same door, this door is really, like for one person to get through.

Imagine now an object, say a table. In Swedish it is bord, in English it is table, and in Spanish it is mesa.

A simple word, you will agree with me, as that,  are plentiful.

These words compete with each other at one point or another in the everyday of an ordinary trilingual.

No longer is there an option but suddenly there is a clash of options.

These clashes produce a hesitance of sorts.

A hesitance that causes an uncomfortable lapse of sorts. Which in turn presents a critical rupture of sorts.

Normal speaking people or monolinguals probably don’t experience this as often. I can imagine. It is possible that it may occur when competing synonym vys for a place or a choice of word for suitability arises.

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