A half of a bottle of Irish brew lay strewn on the floor. Normally, people would not pay attention to such a minor detail on the street. However, this particular being so happened to recall a memory from his childhood whereby a lollipop lay strewn on the floor. Sure, the lollipop had dirt, this is a town in Baja California back when asphalt was as new as triplay was way back when it was new as was asbetos was when it came along. An opportunity presented itself. Sure, it was dirty, but nothing a good licking would not rid.

I picked the bottle and thanked the gods for it.


I walk. That is what I do. So I do, and then the story begins. So I imagine.


There’s never a clue about behavior. Behavior just happens as a second does or a minute will or an hour does. They tick.

I downed the half of bottle of Irish brew. No, I did not limerick nor did I think of the St Patrick’s nor did I insult a North Irlander.

: I just drank and saw a field free of snakes.

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