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The city has too many stored memories for just 13 days. What about the new ones am forming? Then the city becomes bigger, yet I remain unhappy. Unhappy in the manner that there are still things which are out of my reach to change. It was great to listen to all those songs that for some reason have a higher rate of significance for me than in any other place. Like Hotel California. I went to playas and saw the huge change, me and my buddy walked the beach, damn it was hot yesterday. It was a long time since I last saw the beach, and gracias that we have one. Many memories flowed like the sea foam, burbujeando so many episodes. Forming new ones. Am doing fine, really. I went to the border, THE border. I’ve been places, now it’s familia week, gotta see the folk, both here, beautiful Tijuana and San Diego, Chula Vista, National city. I was also glad that the cholo culture is still thriving, I saw a wad of them, I mean where is the notion that says that cholos are a dying breed? Crazy stuff on TV man, the politicos are doing the San Diego model of reaching out to the people, by walking the streets and on the road, yes, shaking hands and all. The ilusion you get from the news is that you are in San Diego. Crazy copycatters. Even the newscast people from Televisa strive to look like anchorman from some local news station from SD. More hilarious though was to hear the newscastman from San Diego discuss the weather like a sport, I was cracking up just listening to the bull those two were all about, years since I heard anything like it! So yeah, had a good chance to speak a load of english already and I haven’t even crossed the border yet, damn!

[/color font=lush memories]

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