Enero y Keats

Leí un libro de Keats in the crapper
and I confused some critical commentary
about this and that.
Reading books, hooked on the net and the like

Speech flow on the page
and this age digital it is
Enero vino y se fue

Messed up am I
filled with information
losing bits
pasting bits
a memory here and there
seeking the truth
I am told as I read Keats
to be the ultimate
_______________________ . ___ .:-____——(psssst!) Keats had it easy

Oh yeah, really easy.

Not only
Oh Jeremiah
Oh Job
Do I deal with the now not now but now as yesterday, a foregone conclusion, half cooked notion
Not a whole lot to do there
Western Zilch comes to mind

Qué efimeras
son las cosas: εφήμερος -lost my ephemeral flow already-

Does a world bent on
an Epicurean
as a bat out of hell
on seeking
now experiences that last
really mind
tribal and primitive notions such as the truth
and if so
who gains with them said obsessions?

Cui bono?
Who holds the lantern?
and to what helluva purpose?


* John Keats Selected letters – To Benjamin Bailey 28 -30 October 1817
“It seems tome that if Wordsworth had thought a little deeper at that moment […] he should not have written that poem at all. […] it is a kind of sketchy intellectual landscape, not a search for the truth.”

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