Moral compas

My moral compass is steering my fragmented self apparently. I hereby confess that I have no control of the apparatus that conforms the I of the self. This because last night I dreamt about a movie I had watched earlier on the net. As those in the know know movies over the net do not necessarily require money to be seen yet the companies that produce them would like a compensation for their efforts. Nothing wrong in that but when they start embedding subliminal messages that disturb my sleep well that is drawing the line. I swear to God that last night what is called my conscience decided to play for me a bizarre dream where small text announcing I committed a crime jumped throat me and, get a load of this, pulled the plug on the computer. I admit my feet have being playing a sort of pre-Alzheimer’s trick on my cognizance because I accidently turn off the computer due to my skirmish behavior but this is ridiculous.

I am sure there is a sound explanation for all this. Really. I really believe that.

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