Ideologías ajenas

No, this post isn’t supposed to be in my English blog, it belongs here, allow me to explain. I argued about state ideologies that our Californian governments dispense to give us a sense of identity. Tanto como en California como en Baja California, la historia del estado se subyuga a la historia del país. I said ” no sé si soy mexicano” in about 700 words or so. When I was raised allá I often wondered about some of the little stars a few of the currency in US display. 13 seemed funny since there are 50 states. I often imagined a ploy, a back-up plan from those original colonies, in the event that anything went/goes wrong, I used to think they thought, “we can always have our original 13“. I wondered what Jefferson and Franklin had to do with California when Pio Pico and Kearny had more to do with us then them. Real people with real ties to us left to rot in the shadows of the greater ideology for the greater good of nation building, that was then, this is now. Can we start thinking and talking about those dead now?

Lo mismo en mi Baja California, ideologías ajenas y nuestra historia al olvido.

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