looked forward

Las letras enfadan.

So a ellas también les escupo, en su idioma, en español, pu.

Creo que las letras son suicidal.

De hecho las letras son engendros deformes.

Anoche soñé, wouldn’t it be great

y me acordé

am the last of the family members

@ Uno de Tj le da por esos dramas


política norteamerica



nadie habla del Détente en tijuas.

. Hace frío, un lienzo fronterizo frío.

Shit. No one habla del gringo in US.


Un Migra cruzó la frontera, flashed a badge 1
Man who flashed U.S. badge detained as weapons found

By Anna Cearley

March 21, 2007

TIJUANA – When Tijuana police detained a man yesterday on a speeding charge, he flashed a badge and claimed to be an agent with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

U.S agents work in the area, but they aren’t supposed to be armed. Inside the man’s car, police found more than a dozen long knives and martial arts-style daggers, a pistol and cartridges, a ski mask, handcuffs and other weapons.

Mexican authorities contacted their U.S. counterparts, who don’t believe that the man – Eric Yahir Bouchot Godinez, 29 – is an agent.

Tijuana Police Chief Victor Manuel Zataráin, said Bouchot tried to explain some of the items in his possession.

“He said he liked swords and that he had the ski mask because he used it when he’s on his motorcycle,” Zataráin said.

Lauren Mack, spokeswoman for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said the U.S. agency is investigating the case. The badge “appears to have been reported as missing by an ICE agent,” she said.

Bouchot is a legal U.S. resident who had a San Diego address, Mack said, but he is also a Mexican national.

It’s not uncommon for criminals to pose as Mexican police when they commit crimes in Tijuana, but posing as a U.S. agent is unusual.

Bouchot, who was detained about 6 a.m., was turned over to Mexican federal authorities to face possible charges of firearms possession.



La prensa reportó.


Y detrás del show: I was just following culture norms could be heard in a shady room.


Y el IMAC y su show.



* aquí. * Aqui empieza la patria in US. *

Am a lost generation: la Tj del morrow will not care about me as much as I don’t care about Los Dug Dug’s.


– Contemporaneo.

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