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de repente, a veces y en un whim busco fotos las huellas del ayer doy con fragmentos como diría Lars Norén vestigios cuestionables. En Flickr Insistimos recordar ahí fuimos, éramos bien polaroid pura cura chilamente colores pasteles en hielos que … Continue reading

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Just do it ese

I believe that Chicanos in general ought to stay clear out of politics. And if they must they should not use chicanismo as a tool to said enterprise. Chicanismo ought to be as American as American Pie. For example, no … Continue reading

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de agentes secretos

RIP Agent 007s unlikely alter ego – Sir Peter Smithers He was a secret agent, diploment and scholar, but few knew of Sir Peter Smithers’ most exotice role: the likely model for Ian Fleming’s James Bond – reports The Canberra … Continue reading

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C-ya esa!

Must … refrain… from, Garh! I can’t yes! yes! Yes! Michelle Malkin is about to bite the dust. Daily Kos, thou art now forgiven.

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Joto power ese!

I know some in Aztlán, our own extreme right, despise the idea of homosexualism or marimachas, as forming a part of Aztlán though am not persuaded by any of their arguments. I find the whole marica/marimacha culture rather intriguing not … Continue reading

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Chican@s and Wikipedia

Oh no you didn’t. Boy do I have bones to pick here. I shall be dishing out more than I bargained for but one can’t overstate the deliciousness of the subject. Right now I am about to do serious deconstructing … Continue reading

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the dumbing of America

I have been in Europe long, really long. Though most scandinavians would wonder that thing about Europe. In fact, most scandinavians, were one to trust my infallible judgement, seem not to consider themselves all that European. I notice this when … Continue reading

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Extreme Casual

Alright, I’ll spill the frijoles de la olla. I have always desired to look more gentlemanly like. You know, GQ like. Tux, cigarr, style and all that. Sometimes I feel I was born into it, damn if I don’t feel … Continue reading

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good reads

Can you see a smile in my face? It’s right here, next to my dimple … Tijuana is a city that goes above “violent & chaotic”. Is volatile like the souls that utilize it as a springboard to jump accross … Continue reading

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