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Weird cognates in Swedish

There is no doubt many languages bear the grunt of false friends or cognates and surely Swedish can be an entrapment of sorts when it comes to said dubious company as one traverses the landscape of Scandinavian languages and their … Continue reading

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II language acquisition

Sometimes my language students answer a question about language strategy with the idea that they got «lucky» if their results prove to be more favorable than they thought. But there is no such thing as getting «lucky» with language. It’s … Continue reading

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You don’t sound Mexican*

Pues no te oyes Mexicano -ponme una botella de tequila Los Cadetes de Linares y después platicaremos.     *percances de largas estancias en el extranjero

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retazos mentales

Find myself thinking about human relations today. Not because I hate the xmas season, which I do. But because solitude seems to glue some aspects of society in some pretty weird ways. Take for example a man I saw today … Continue reading

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Competing languages

I feel comfortable to say am a trilingual. Having said that I can proceed with a phenomenon that I have experienced as a trilingual, newly at that if one wills. I get stuck at times. Allow me to expand. I … Continue reading

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Competing personas of a trilingual

Here in the Swedish Highlands I speak Swedish to those few I speak to. Don’t get me wrong, there is the occasional Spanish speaker to whom one is lucky to exchange a few inborn lingo with in that tongue of … Continue reading

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textile thy I

Al final de cuentas patch work Is the little i . One wonders: why one fabric stands out more than the other . The hour determines the cloth . Sin embargo: La hora no est+á synchronized Aceptar o alterar . … Continue reading

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Me da cierta alegría poder leer de vez en cuando por ahí comentarios de gente de habla hispana que sienta pena por abrir un blog, me da curiosidad que quieran esconderse detrás del anonimato, aventar una mensaje electrónico y querer … Continue reading

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A ser verdad me encuentro sumamente aburrido. Aburrido porque no tengo material para escribir. Me hace falta material. Desde hace mucho que dejé de sentir entusiasmo por escribir y yo le hecho la culpa a la falta de alcohol o … Continue reading

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Me doy cuenta de que padezco de una especie de atrofia en lo que concierne mi labor en la escritura. Es normal. Algunos padecen de writer’s block; yo de atrofia imaginaria. Le hecho la culpa a que nada sucede en … Continue reading

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