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I tend to adopt an attitude towards language that it’s nearly pristine in its stipulations since I exact a nativists view on language that cannot possibly meet the standards I want. That is, I want what it is said in … Continue reading

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Bad little voice bad little boys sing a llulaby that kisses me bye-bye Kill me softly with my own locally grown bad feelings murder my ego because it wants to feel me good Little hell constructed comments that eat me … Continue reading

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Quinto comment II

In relation to the Fifth Comment: Here in Sweden, Swedes can’t see beyond my ethnic look or what their eyes tell them I am. A brown person. So the idea of an American has also been hijacked by color lines. … Continue reading

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Malplaced Autoctono II

Y es por eso que me pregunto cómo es que viven los güeros en México. Y es que los mexicanos que vivimos en el extranjero damos cuenta de varias cosas que la élite de México no quisiera que nosotros supiéremos … Continue reading

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La identidad tijuanense

Esta versión pronto aparecerá en el San Diego Reader en inglés también. A pesar del hecho de que el crimen acosa la vida cotidiana, y aunque usted no lo crea, no está uno acostumbrado ni al crimen ni a cadáveres pues, … Continue reading

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Jovita Gonzáles 8th comment

In A Scotch Paisano in Old Los Angeles1 a seldom researched area is taken to task, namely, that of assimilation of Anglos in what is a predominantly Spanish-Mexican dominated territory era. Anglos converted to Catholicism and abade by Hispanic customs. … Continue reading

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Jovita Gonzáles 7th comment

Carmen Fought has done a remarkable job by giving us a structured form of ChE. I haven’t read Chicano English in Context through and through though but I have stopped in certain passages where my eyes have noticed the value … Continue reading

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Beware of camping Latinos

Forest Service warns Coloradans: Beware of camping Latinos By John Tomasic 8/28/09 6:41 PM In a presentation on recent discoveries of major marijuana-cultivation operations in Colorado, the U.S. Forest Service said it suspected an international cartel was behind the state’s … Continue reading

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Jovita Gonzáles 6th comment

By mistake I wrote Dew of the Thorn and once realizing my mistake I came upon a significance for the title of the book. I realized that dew is one of those things that is reminiscent of a new start. … Continue reading

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Jovita Gonzáles Fifth comment

I have fallen in love with page 150 of Dew on the Thorn by Jovita Gonzáles1. It’s a chapter entitled The New Leader and it’s about the second Fernando of the Olivares family, born 1871. He is a half gringo … Continue reading

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